13 Dec 2012

This time of year can be overwhelming for many, creating extra pressure in their already stressful lives. Unfortunately, this stress can also bleed over when they interact with a contact center agent. Regardless of the type of transaction, terse conversations can occur via chat, email or good old telephone. When that happens, it is up […]

07 Dec 2012

Today’s New World of Work requires everyone to consider their personal brand. Whether you are a C-Suite executive, a mid-level manager or a contractor, the first thing any potential employer will do is search for your name online. What will they find? Is your online presence in order across your social media networks and memberships […]

04 Dec 2012

For some industries, this time of year is all about reflection. It’s time to gather end-of-year data, close out books, finalize 2013 plans and finish off any budgets not already completed. It also means that employees have a little down time. This is an excellent time to encourage employees to participate in extra training. If […]

21 Nov 2012

While we pause to reflect on the things for which we are thankful, I want to take a moment and tell you what I am thankful for here are Working Solutions. Favorite Things It’s remarkable to reflect on how far we have come, particularly from those early days when we pioneered the at-home agent environment. […]

19 Nov 2012

The second installment of agent interviews is with a married couple who are both presently with Working Solutions. Here is what Connie and Scott Sorensen had to say: Favorite Things When we decided to change our career path after getting out of retail, we knew we did not want to return to corporate jobs. We […]

15 Nov 2012

As we head toward the American Thanksgiving holiday, it’s an ideal time to interview a few of our agents about being a virtual business owner. Our first interview is with Kimmie Heard, and here is what she had to say: “I’ve been at Working Solutions for six years now, having come from 15 years in […]

06 Nov 2012

There are several key factors to operating a virtual call center that also ensures excellent customer service. As we have stated previously, our number one factor is hiring the best. To attract the best we must provide an environment where they can thrive. Doing so ensures you provide outstanding customer service while maximizing productivity. So […]

25 Oct 2012

What creates a strong culture? Is it actual face to face time? Or is it the ability to create a philosophy, a belief system that permeates every aspect of your organization? Companies capable of building culture understand that it is strongly influenced by identity. By placing team members squarely in the center of culture development, […]

16 Aug 2012

With the rise in “homeshoring,” whereby businesses are reversing the trend of hiring overseas call centers by hiring domestic (U.S.-based) agents, home-based agent jobs are in great demand. Many companies still use in-house, or on-premise agents, but the home-based agent model clearly has many advantages, including cost and efficiency. Still, they’re not the solution for everyone. […]