28 Jun 2018
work at home jobs best practices

With no commute and flexible works hours, working remotely is a great option for moms trying to balance professional satisfaction with personal happiness and taking care of their families. However, it’s not something which is always easy to manage, which is why some work at home moms may experience stress from time to time. The good […]

26 Jun 2018
woman getting exceptional virtual customer care

  If there is one job that deserves special praise, it’s in the customer care department. For the right reasons, too. The call center agent is the unsung hero behind a company’s success. The numbers tell us that without great customer service, a company could be in for a bumpy ride. What does this mean? […]

12 Jun 2018
never too late to start again

  Most people are not comfortable making changes, especially when it comes down to something as drastic as quitting your job. Despite this, a recent study showed a large percent of office workers would be willing to quit and choose a company that allows working from home. Reducing commute time, being more productive or increased […]

08 Jun 2018
work from home agent personality

  Working from home comes with significant perks, such as: Having a flexible schedule Dedicating more time to yourself and your family Avoiding a long commute Maintaining great a life/work balance Not having to dress up Being free to set up your office anywhere you want If you are considering this style of work, however, […]