25 Oct 2018
man on computer working from home customer service agent

Working as a contact center agent is a tempting prospect for anyone looking to make extra money and get experience. Being a customer’s first point of contact, effectively serving as the voice of the company, you can say that working as an agent is definitely an interesting job. With this work so coveted, you can […]

13 Sep 2018
work at home desktop on desk for job headphones and books

  Working remotely gives you the freedom to choose whatever workplace you desire, provided it’s safe and secure. Working outside a regular 9-to-5 office job does have it downsides, however. Don’t worry. With a little planning, you can perform well at home. Setting up a designated home office eliminates distractions you may experience working remotely. […]

06 Sep 2018
mom planning calendar for work at home jobs

  Going to work has very much been the norm throughout history. However, with recent times, the job market has changed. Now, it is becoming increasingly frequent for adults to work remotely in all sorts of domains. Whether you’re considering getting a remote job or you’re already a work from home mom, this article is […]