Mekkel likes the Working Solutions culture, saying, “Everyone is so friendly and upbeat, and will go out of their way to help you. I love the management team and the training.”   Mekkel | Agent Since 2013 Resource leader with eight years of experience in the communications industry.   Listen More, Stress Less Before joining […]

Morgan feels she has found a real gem in Working Solutions. “Everybody has been really, really kind to me.”   Morgan Six years of experience in the healthcare, communications, and consumer and retail industries, with an associate’s degree in psychology.   Speaks Customer Service Morgan speaks two languages. The first is English. The second is […]

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“Everybody here has a great respect for you. They actually care for you. I got to meet Kim (founder) and she was so approachable and kind.”   Dennise | Agent Since 2014 Resource leader in consumer and retail, with seven years of experience as a contact center agent.   From Spuds to Consumers Dennise has […]

“There’s a strong desire for cohesiveness. We share the same goals. We love our families and our company, and we want to do right by both.”   Cynthia | Agent Since 2014 Specialist in sales, customer care and escalated service calls for consumer and retail.   Lean into the Call Cynthia had worked for contact centers […]

“Of all my professional jobs I have worked, my job with Working Solutions has been the greatest job and by far the most rewarding.”   Andréa | Agent Since 2012 Experienced in healthcare, communications and consumer and retail, with bachelor’s degrees in construction management and architectural design.   Say It with a Smile If a […]

Cheryl says Working Solutions provides a great opportunity for anybody looking to work from home. “I would say it’s the best company for working from home.”   Cheryl | Agent Since 2007 Sixteen years of experience in the travel industry, with a specialty in hotel bookings.   Being the Hotel After working a variety of programs […]

Beth values the professionalism shown by the company’s leadership. “Management has been very supportive. They want us to succeed.”   Beth | Agent since 2006 Twenty years of travel experience with proficiency in Sabre, Worldspan and Apollo reservation systems.   Go the Extra Mile Beth specializes in destinations, with more than 20 years of getting 10,000s […]

“When I first met Kim (founder) at a company event, she already knew my name. Just to know somebody’s name is to say you care.”   Paula | Agent Since 2009 A resource leader with five years of experience in consumer and retail and eight years in tech support.   Hardware to Handbags High tech or high […]

Jaimee was looking to work for a reputable contact service provider. On Glassdoor, she saw one that consistently received high marks: Working Solutions   Jaimee | Agent Since 2012 Resource leader in consumer and retail, with a bachelor’s degree and dual major in business and human resource management.   In Their Shoes Looking to work for […]

This month, Gail Cahill celebrates her 10-year anniversary as a Working Solutions independent agent. Her story is a common one: having worked for years in a traditional brick-and-mortar call center, she craved flexibility and work/life balance so  she could devote time to her husband and young daughter. When she started as a contract agent for […]