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Work-at-home Gig Insider — February 2020

Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand contact center solutions, offering opportunities for independent contractors to partner with us on a variety of work-at-home jobs. In this month’s newsletter, Work-at-home Gig Insider, we feature articles and relevant information about succeeding as a work-from-home, independent contractor.

father and daughter spending quality time during a work at home break

How Can Stay-at-home Parents Make Money?

Being a stay-at-home parent demonstrates your devotion to your children. With all that involves, there still are gaps or breaks in childcare—sometimes for hours. And this is where stay-at-home parents can make money by working remotely.

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work at home mom keeping focus to increase productivity

6 Things to Know: How to Successfully Work From Home

Becoming a successful work-from-home freelancer or contract worker requires some essential equipment and development of useful skills and habits. Here’s a rundown of six things you’ll need to achieve your goal.

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work at home woman talking to customer service

How to avoid Work-at-home Burnout

Anyone who has had an at-home job on a regular basis knows about the work/life. It’s all about keeping things in proper balance. These tips will help you avoid the dreaded, home-office burnout.

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work at home woman helping customers with their questions when working from home

Work-from-home Tips for Tackling Customer Service

Although working from home can be a rewarding experience, it comes with a lot of challenges. There are, however, a few work-from-home tips that can help you deliver top-notch results as a remote, customer-service professional.

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