22 Dec 2017

A video card and a poem just for you…


I took a lick

Of a peppermint stick

And oh it tasted yummy


It used to be

In a candy dish

But now it’s in my tummy!


We might be terrible poets, but we are really good at providing “Work from Home jobs”. Check out our latest job posts and apply today.


Now here is the video card:

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5 Comments on "Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2018"

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Tracy Roberts

Thank you. All for want for Christmas is for someone contact back about a job. Merry Christmas.

edna thackeray

Very nice newsletter to read!

Alverda Teresa Robertson
Alverda Teresa Robertson

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone!! I think I agree with Tracy! I’ve haf a few friends that have applied and heard nothing yet and they’ve been in this field as long as I have. I really enjoy working with everyone and just wanna share the wealth!! Good luck new applicants!!

Sally Peterson

Love your attitude !

Cher Shouse

Great video! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and are looking forward to a rewarding and blessed New Year! I’m searching for the Vyne link to get started soon,,,
Best wishes