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Holidays Bring a Little Quiet Time to Your Contact Center? Train Up!

For some industries, this time of year is all about reflection. It’s time to gather end-of-year data, close out books, finalize 2013 plans and finish off any budgets not already completed. It also means that employees have a little down time. This is an excellent time to encourage employees to participate in extra training.

If your company is fortunate enough to have a virtual training program, getting employees to participate is very simple. If not, then providing some quick classroom training is completely doable. There are several considerations and decisions to make, but overall you can get additional training done quickly if you follow these three simple steps:

  1. Determine the Top 3 Training Needs – keeping a running tab of the top customer service issues is always a great idea. Now you can analyze those issues and determine if any can be solved by some additional training.
  2. Devise a Quick, Fun Program to Address the Issue – this type of training should not be about what went wrong. Rather it should be fun and easy to understand. Often getting back to basics can resolve an issue quickly. Also, consider how long it has been since you trained on a topic. It may be time to simply reinforce best practices.
  3. Deliver in Small Bites – rather than take up a lot of time with formal training, develop some quick bite-sized training programs that can be delivered in person if needed and then supplemented online. Use email to deliver quick tips daily during the training time to help reinforce learning objectives.

The obvious time to train new agents is in the beginning, when they are fresh and ready to learn. Yet over time bad habits can form if training is not reinforced. Choosing a time when the organization is less busy alleviates a large amount of stress, leaving agents in a better learning state. The ability to absorb the material, even delivered via email, will increase if the agents are not focused on large numbers of customer transactions and other important work.

Delivering ongoing training improves quality and customer satisfaction. Taking advantage of those rare slow times is a great way to maximize training opportunities and break up the routine of your agents, leaving everyone happier and more prepared to care for your customers.

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