05 Apr 2012
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When most people hear the phrase “work from home,” the image may come to mind of someone wearing pajamas, working from the couch, likely multitasking work with house chores and children. But in reality, that’s not the case. It takes a person with some key traits to be a home agent for a virtual call center.

Home agents aren’t your typical call center representatives; they’re business owners. And as business owners, they’re self-motivated and dedicated to providing superior service. These professionals have years of experience in customer service or other fields, often with graduate degrees and management experience. With this education and experience comes a level of maturity necessary for home agents, as well as greater customer satisfaction and engagement.

These home agents are also masters as work/life balance. Because home agents create their own schedules, they only work the hours they want. When it’s time to work, they’re already at the office, and their full attention is devoted to the customer on the phone or computer. When work is over, they’re already home to begin life “off the clock,” with no stressful commute. Work/life balance is important for employee satisfaction, which increases home agent retention.

Educated. Experienced. Mature. Business Owner. Do these attributes sound like they belong to someone who works in a call center? No. But given the flexibility and work/life balance of a work-from-home position, you’ll find the best of the best to serve your customers.

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”




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