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Work-at-home Gig Insider — October 2019

Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand contact center solutions, offering opportunities for independent contractors to partner with us on a variety of work-at-home jobs. In this month’s newsletter, Work-at-home Gig Insider, we feature articles and relevant information about succeeding as a work-from-home, independent contractor.

Kim Houlne is interviewed on good morning Texas WFAA

[VIDEO] See Kim Houlne on Good Morning Texas Interview on WFAA

In her interview, Kim Houlne pointed out that skilled customer service agents are in high demand as the holidays approach.

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woman working out during work at home break

Work-at-home Wellness – 5 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

A dose of healthy exercise does not necessarily begin with a brisk walk around the block. According to medical experts at the Mayo Clinic, just a small amount of exercise each day is beneficial.

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Working Solutions agent testimonial why work at work at home job

Agent Spotlight:

Meet Kathleen: Her expertise in global reservation systems, which often still run on legacy technology, and firsthand industry knowledge are valued by colleagues and customers alike.

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woman work reduce stress

Stress Management While Working from Home

Working from home eliminates several stress factors—from deciding what to wear to the office to avoiding traffic jams. But while your friends may be envious, you know that working from home can create its own stressful situations. Making a success out of at-home work will require a unique set of stress-management techniques.

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