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Rebecca | Agent for Working Solutions since 2020.
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From a self-described, contact center newbie to a COVID-19 service agent in one night? That’s the quick-turn journey Working Solutions agent Rebecca took a few weeks ago.

It is nearly impossible to find someone whose life hasn’t been turned on its head by the COVID-19 virus. In less than three months, the virus has spread to more than 1.1 million people in the U.S. and has taken more than 64,000 lives. The death toll exceeds that of the Vietnam War.

But this pandemic also has had a compassionate effect. It has created an amazing group of front-line workers who are sacrificing to serve others.

These people are the doctors, nurses and techs staffing our hospitals, the stockers and cashiers keeping our supermarkets open, take-out food servers and the people delivering items we buy to our doorsteps.

While their level of risk is very different, contact center agents also qualify as essential workers for customer care in a time of need. And Rebecca certainly sets the standard.

April 17 was a quiet night for Rebecca, as she neared the end of her shift taking calls for a leading travel agency. In a matter of minutes, however, her phone started ringing off the hook. It went from a few calls an hour to 270 in the queue.

Fueled by adrenaline, Rebecca began tackling the calls for hours beyond her late-night shift, most notably one from her travel agency client. After the coronavirus forced a business conference to be rescheduled from May to October, Rebecca needed to rearrange dozens of rooms, rebook flights and reconcile accounting issues. And she did it nonstop.

“I worked hours past my shift and into the next day to get things right for the client,” she said. “That’s my job.”

When Rebecca joined Working Solutions, the Texas native and San Antonio resident had never worked in a contact center before. She sold real estate. She believes that job helped her develop the right mindset for serving clients. “You learn from all your experiences.”

Her decision to change careers was a rapid one. “While I liked my career, I needed something that would be more fulfilling and flexible. And that’s when Working Solutions came along,” she explained.

Rebecca, who is married to a former professional hockey player, attended Angelo State University in Texas, where she majored in psychology and kinesiology. She also hunts and fishes. “I’m a Texas woman through and through. I’ll sit up in the deer blind, shotgun in hand. But my nails always look good.”

There was a lot to learn when Rebecca joined Working Solutions. But she was put into the hands of three of the company’s best educators who schooled her in serving clients and their customers. “They give me all the resources and support I need. I love working here.”

And Rebecca’s clients love working with her. Following that pivotal evening in April, Rebecca’s travel agency client showered her with accolades. “She worked extra hard and put in extra hours to get things done the right way, and she is so nice and personable. If I had a job open, I’d offer it to her myself. She is a gem.”

What more needs to be said? Well, there is one more thing.

Toward the end of her interview, Rebecca again looked back on a college experience that deeply affected her. “I worked in a program where we taught autistic children to ride horses. You wouldn’t believe how those kids transformed then they got into the saddle. Everyone has this capacity.”

When I first started at Working Solutions, I asked ‘is this for real?’ Your team is there to guide you, but the work is treated as if it is your personal business, I love my job.


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