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Marilee Loves Relating to Callers

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Marilee | Agent since 2014
“I love Working Solutions. They truly appreciate their contractors. And the atmosphere—the positive morale and comradery—provides for a better working environment.”


The Art and Heart of It

Marilee logged nearly seven years as a work-at-home agent before signing on with Working Solutions on the tip of a coworker.

“I love Working Solutions. It is so different from the other company I worked for. They truly appreciate their contractors. And the atmosphere—the positive morale and comradery—provides for a better working environment.”

With an associate’s degree in liberal arts, Marilee’s agent experience covers utilities and consumer/ retail industries. She now serves as a resource leader with a program that helps seniors find suitable living options, a project she’s worked since joining the company in August 2014.

Marilee and her team are the first point of contact for customers either calling in or initiating service through the client’s website. She also handles outreach calls to follow up on previous leads and provide additional help to families in need.

“Some customers aren’t really sure what to do to place a loved one in a community. And sometimes they’re hesitant to speak or offer personal information.

“My goal is to help them overcome their hesitancy and have a friendly conversation. I can also share my own personal experience when I placed my own parents, to let them know I understand what they are going through.”

Aside from her agent work, Marilee also has served as a children’s choir director for 11 years and is certified in the Kodaly music teaching method.


Apply Care Liberally

Having placed her parents in senior living gives Marilee a particularly sensitive ear to families seeking similar care for their loved ones.

Marilee said she was working full time as an office manager and part-time children’s choir director when it came time to get senior care for her Mom and Dad. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t take them into her own home.

“I really relate to those individuals who call in and say: ‘I don’t really want to do this. My mother doesn’t want to go. But she needs help and I can’t give it to her.’

“Whenever I get an inkling that’s the situation with one of my callers, I really take the time to explain that sometimes having parents in your own home isn’t the best for them—or for you.”

It’s not uncommon to be on the phone with family members who burst into tears. When that happens, Marilee lets them know how much she cares and gently leads them in the right direction.

She empathizes, having been there herself. “I get all kinds of calls and my goal is always to get them the help they need.”

“My goal is to help customers overcome their hesitancy and have a friendly conversation.”


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