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Shakita Thrives in Caring Culture

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Customer-friendly Policies

She also likes her new client’s approach to customer service. “The company is a like a beam of light in the darkness. They have very customer-friendly policies that they empower us to use.”

While Shakita is single, she has one very prominent dependent, her dog “Sir,” a Chihuahua with big personality and an independent streak. “Sir is affectionate and will cuddle on the couch with you, but he only does it on his own terms.” He is “feisty” like a lot her customers.

As a contractor, Shakita gives Working Solutions high marks across the board. The program directors are great to work with and highly responsive. “They get back to you quickly and provide you with all the resources you could ever need.”

'The job at Working Solutions has been a godsend. It is good work that provides me with all of the flexibility I need.' -Shakita Working Solutions Agent


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