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Top Traits for Excellent Customer Service: Patience

If you’ve been following this blog for a few weeks, you’ll remember that I discussed in previous posts the top traits required of agents who want to provide only the best customer service, including a positive attitude, problem solving skills, and product knowledge. We determined these critical traits after surveying our own top agents, and in this, the 4th post in a five-part series, I’ll be discussing another invaluable trait: patience.

Good, old-fashioned patience imbues a sense of calm, particularly with a customer who is frustrated or uncomfortable. High-caliber agents who are long on patience typically have strong capabilities for problem-solving and active listening. They find it easy to convert a difficult customer interaction into a successful outcome, often while saving an account or sale.

Three Tips for Success

  1. 1. Ask agents for their definition of patience to understand their perspective.
  2. 2. When considering an agent for hire, ask for scenarios where patience paid off for them.
  3. 3. Role-play to include scenarios to play out patience and compassion.

Agents Weigh In

I had a couple who ran their own business and who were totally computer illiterate. I had to walk them, start to finish, through networking their office and getting their software up and running. They were elderly. It took 7 hours. When I realized that it was going to take all day, I just had to approach it with a lack of speed. I had to explain things in non-technical words, have a lot of humor about the situation, and never, ever be patronizing to these people to whom computers seemed like a flying saucer would to me.

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