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Top Traits for Excellent Customer Service: Positive Attitude

In the previous posts in this five-part series, I detailed that product knowledge and problem solving  are two of the top traits that agents need to ensure a superior customer service experience. By surveying our own independent agents, we compiled a list of the top five skills and traits valued by contact center agents.

The third skill or trait is attitude. I’m referring to a positive attitude that enhances customer engagement. Soft skills are critical to exceptional customer service delivery. Having the best attitude can turn any bad situation into a good one. High caliber agents are more “glass half full” people who have the ability to focus their emotions in order to deliver exactly what the customer needs at that moment. Also, there is a resilience factor involved with attitude, since there are some customer interactions that are difficult and can require lengthy discussions.

Three Tips for Success:

  1. Embrace soft skills through coaching and support.
  2. Devise a method to role play and interact scenarios to ensure that genuinely positive attitude is there.
  3. Ensure that your hiring or evaluation practices include several questions to determine a person’s aptitude toward positive attitude and resiliency, particularly when assisting difficult people.

Agents Weigh In

I get some very angry customers sometimes that use profanity and are very rude. Each time I just profusely apologize for the inconvenience and try to explain to them that we are not selling anything… I think just keeping an excellent attitude towards everyone, regardless of how their manners are with you. Making sure you’re fully informed on all aspects of the project that you are working on so you are able to provide the customer with accurate information when they ask questions. And staying upbeat, enthusiastic and positive will help anyone towards providing excellent customer service.

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”



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