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Working Solutions Agents: The Best of the Best

We have a saying at Working Solutions: “Our agents are the best of the best.” And we mean it. We’ve been able to build a vast, highly skilled network of at-home professionals using the same criteria we’ve used since starting the company 16 years ago. Here’s a glimpse into what makes our agents the best.

Knowledge and Experience

When a problem arises with a product or service, the best customer service comes from a patient, knowledgeable agent that can resolve the issue in one call.  All of our agents have prior customer service experience; the average agent has more than 10 years of experience. More than 85% of our agents are college educated, some with advanced degrees.

Because our agents can work from any city across the U.S., we are able to create teams of highly specialized professionals. We have assembled certified public accountants for tax season spikes, registered nurses to answer calls during cold and flu season, and help desk agents for advanced software technical support.

Pre-Selection Screening

Having years of experience or a college degree does not mean that someone will be a great work-from-home agent. After an initial application process, each applicant completes the first stage of a two-step screening process. Phase 1 testing verifies reactions to common customer service scenarios through multiple-choice questions. If responses to Phase 1 testing are acceptable, applicants will receive instructions for Phase 2, in which phone manner is verified through role-playing scenarios.

Additional testing may be included to verify:

  • Language capabilities for bilingual or multilingual agents
  • Writing skills for email, chat and social media agents

Once the screening tests are completed, each application is screened by a member of our agent selection team. Applicants are then notified whether or not they have met our rigorous standards. Fewer than 1% of applicants are invited to become an agent with Working Solutions.

Experience, skill set and our standard of excellence ensure that only the best of the best become Working Solutions agents. Once we find the best, we keep them; many of our agents have been with us for more than 10 years, and we’re glad to have them for the years to come.

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”



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