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12 Unique Holiday Traditions from Around the World

8 minutes

12 Unique Holiday Traditions from Around the World, not narrated by Morgan Freeman


Yuletide, Christmas, Hanukkah, Krampus, Santa Claus, cultures around the world have celebrated the changing of the seasons in colorful ways for thousands of years.

Here in the United States we all know the usual suspects; the tree, eggnog and carols, turkey and ham, that everlasting fruitcake (and I don’t mean your cousin, Thad). Some people and families in the U.S. have their own unique traditions like Christmas horror marathons or competitive S’mores eating. Each tradition and celebration carries its own unique beauty and meaning to those who partake in them. Elsewhere in the world (and sometimes in the ancient past) we encounter traditions with an exotic flavor. In this video, we explore 12, unique holiday celebrations, (in honor of the 12 days of the Yuletide season) narrated by Morgan Freeman (or someone who sounds like him). To all you kids from 1 to 92, Happy Holidays from all of us at Working Solutions and be sure to like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel.



2019 was cat-astrophic, and we aren’t kitten around.

This was the year some lady yelled at a cat… A lot. This was the year a banana was duct taped to a wall and then sold for thousands of dollars. To say the year was a little crazy would be an understatement. Despite the crazy times, or disheartening times, every year is precious, and this one is no exception. May you Troll the ancient Yuletide Karen in the coming year, she deserves it. Happy New Year and may you find joy and happiness in 2020.

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