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  For the fifth year in a row, from 2015 through this year, Working Solutions has landed on the FlexJobs best remote jobs list— this time landing the #5 spot. According to the official announcement from FlexJobs, the top 100 companies are those that posted the most remote job listings in 2018. Chosen from more […]

Jobseekers: Like some sound advice from savvy North Texas businesswomen? You’ll find it in a recent WFAA Originals broadcast, “Looking for the perfect job in the new year? Here’s how you can do that.” Partnering with the Dallas Business Journal, a story by WFAA reporter Jason Wheeler asks leaders about the do’s and don’ts in […]

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Scams are big hindrances for honest people who are looking to work from home. Falling for one can be stressful and may even lead to a loss of money or time. While the remote job market has become a better place for job seekers, the reality is there are still some who prey on the […]

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Today’s workplace is a global one and working from home has become more and more popular in recent years. Along with this surge in popularity, a series of myths also has formed around the concept of remote work. We’ve tackled four of the most common misconceptions you might hear about work-at-home jobs—and debunked them. So […]

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When you are working from home, distractions can be quite a problem. There is always a possibility to slack off instead of doing actual work. This is very detrimental to your progress and you end up falling behind. Generally, the internet can be one massive distraction. And besides browsing, there are also many notifications that […]

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There’s no shortage of jobs for contact center agents — especially for someone skilled in customer care, who has a bit of experience, and who’s a true “people person.” Whether it’s inbound or outbound work, handling standard inquiries or performing high-level troubleshooting, skilled contact center agents are always in demand. Yet not all of those […]

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The opportunity to work from home sounds like a tempting prospect for anyone. Yet, many people don’t want to be freelancers or aren’t interested in starting a home business. Thankfully, there is always the option to get a remote job. Many people are working as home-based, customer-service representatives, outbound or inbound contact center agents and […]

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Many of us shudder at the idea of getting up early in the morning. It does have a lot of benefits, however. Waking up early properly prepares you for the day ahead. It gives you a lot of extra time to get things in order and enjoy daytime to the fullest. After all, as Benjamin […]

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Contact center jobs are coveted in the job market nowadays. They are excellent as starting positions for persons who have no or little previous experience, especially for those who have never worked in a company. Working as a contact center agent is also perfect for students or young adults who want to begin a career […]

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A regular job definitely comes with its own benefits. For example, there’s the advantage of working alongside a team, where you can socialize and also count on others for help in difficult situations. Yet, as beneficial as it might be, the office environment doesn’t fit everyone. And for people in this situation, there is the […]