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In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to work-from-home. The sought-after skills for virtual jobs vary, from being bilingual to having higher-Ed degrees.  You should know then there are many legitimate, work-from-home options out there today. For example, our agent workforce is made up of highly qualified independent contractors, representing various industries. Odds […]

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  We believe the most important thing to keep in mind if you want to become a successful virtual call center agent is this: To serve a business, you first need to know the business. From its culture to products, services, and customers call center agents must know the ins and outs of the brands […]

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  Working from home may seem like a dream job. You don’t have to commute, which means you’re not wasting at least a couple of hours in traffic. Even if you may think you can take breaks whenever you want, this can hurt your productivity. You still have a set working schedule—a routine respected by […]

FlexJobs Names the Best Businesses for Remote Work in 2018 For the third year in a row, Working Solutions (WSOL) ranks among the Top 10 for FlexJobs Top 100 Companies this year. Taking the #10 spot, the ranking reaffirms WSOL’s position among organizations offering legitimate, work-from-home opportunities. This distinction is well worth knowing for job […]

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Getting hired to perform a customer care job from home requires having a particular set of skills that will help you finish all related tasks successfully. The good news is that all these abilities are the kind you can improve on. If you’re looking for a quick way of finding out if working in this […]

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  Get More Accomplished while working from home After more than 20 years in the on-demand contact center industry, I’ve come across some great work-from-home practices and a few not-so-good ones, too. Whatever the work style or work space, an agent needs to be efficient and productive. While remote work from home is flexible, it […]

A video card and a poem just for you…   I took a lick Of a peppermint stick And oh it tasted yummy   It used to be In a candy dish But now it’s in my tummy!   We might be terrible poets, but we are really good at providing “Work from Home jobs”. […]

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  What Employees and Agents Teach Us Did you ever arrive somewhere and ask: “How did we go so far, so fast?” I feel that way in December, with Christmas only a few days away. Time seems to accelerate, especially during the holidays. It wasn’t that long ago that Kim met with our work at […]

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  Sound Advice for the New Year, Too Sharp agents equal great service. Throughout the year, Working Solutions reinforces that belief in its blogs. In 2017, the most-read ones included tips for becoming a contact center agent, how to work well from home and qualities of the best agents. Recapping these blogs is good […]

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  Invest in the Right PC to Perform Well You’re about to begin the New Year. In your new work from home job. And with it, comes new high-tech requirements for working from home. As a first-time agent, it’s enough to make you, well… “newrotic.” Fear not. Justin Dumlao, manager of agent technology support at […]