25 Jun 2019
Difference between independent contractor and full time employee

Want to become a work-at-home contact center agent at Working Solutions? Before you apply, know upfront that you’ll be a self-employed, independent contractor—and not an employee of the company. There are big differences, important differences, between the two, as explained in an independent contractor video produced by Working Solutions.     For instance, did you […]

14 May 2019
man working from home

For some, working remotely is a want. For others, it represents a need. Regardless of which group you’re in, you should know a work-at-home career is not just an alternative to a traditional, 9-5 office job. Working from home is actually life-changing. How exactly does it transform your lifestyle? Read this article to discover a […]

05 Apr 2019
woman talking about how much she loves to work from home jobs working solutions

  There’s nothing like hearing what our contact center agents think. Firsthand. In person. Out in the field. Such is the case, as captured in the new video, “We Asked Agents What They Love about Working Solutions.” It’s featured on the homepage of Working Solutions Jobs.     Their words resonate throughout our company, now […]

02 Apr 2019
customer service agent working from home job reading home business online article

The beauty of the on-demand, customer-care model is that it serves many kinds of clients and fits the work-life styles of different contact center agents. To this point, the Home Business entrepreneurial website features a piece by Kim Houlne, Working Solutions chief executive who profiles several successful agents: “The Work-from-home Experience Can Be a Perfect […]

28 Mar 2019
produce on a table with the words work at home wellness

March is an exciting time of the year! From spring cleaning to spring break, it marks a period of rejuvenation that sparks joy in many. For Working Solutions, it signals the launch of our brand-new agent newsletter! This newsletter, called the Work-at-Home Gig Insider, features articles and information relevant to succeeding as a work-from-home, independent […]

21 Mar 2019
work at home remote work force boss talking to employee via video chat

FlexJobs, an expert in remote work, reaffirms what many businesswomen already know: We are pacesetters in the virtual workforce movement—and have been for many years. This month, FlexJobs posted this piece,“15 Top Companies for Remote Jobs Run by Women.” The story is based on its own findings earlier this year about the 2019 Top 100 […]

14 Mar 2019
man with headset on working from home

Nowadays, due to the expansion of remote work, most companies have team members who have never met each other in person. In these cases, the professional relationship is mediated by technology. Because of the physical barrier, often it can be tough for a remote worker to build rapport with teammates. As it turns out, working […]