27 Nov 2013

Our fourth and final post in the agent series is from Becky Absher, seasoned contract agent of 12 years who has run the gamut in remote agent and resource agent rolls. This is what Becky shared: Thankful for – Control Over My Schedule  I started with Working Solutions after trying another work-at-home contract and have […]

25 Nov 2013

Our third post in the agent series is from Chris Ramer, 7-year veteran contractor and resource leader. Here’s what Chris had to say: Thankful for – a Change of Pace I am fortunate to have worked from home as an independent contractor since around 2000. My former career was in the medical field working closely […]

21 Nov 2013

Our second post in the agent series is from Patti Jensen, seasoned agent and resource leader who has contracted with Working Solutions for six years. Here’s what Patti shared: Thankful for – Work-at-Home Opportunities I have been working from home for many years. Originally I had an in-home day care which was not going as […]

14 Nov 2013

The American Thanksgiving holiday is approaching and as is tradition, it’s time to give thanks, reflect on the prior year, and ponder the future. Our upcoming posts will be a series on what we are thankful for, with several from our agents. I am happy to begin this series with my own thanks. Thankful For […]

12 Nov 2013

Yesterday was Veterans Day, the day we take time to acknowledge the sacrifices given by veterans and their families. It’s important to recognize those who make it their mission to protect our country and way of life. For many it means a day off work, perhaps to attend a parade or celebration for the veterans, […]

26 Feb 2013

We have over 100,000 highly qualified agents in our database ready to tackle any challenge, expertly handle every customer interaction and radically improve the quality of customer care for our clients. Yet, if we did a poll I’m betting that the majority of people would say they did not plan on becoming an Agent OnDemand™. […]

24 Jan 2013

Every office struggles when flu season rolls around. Whether it’s absenteeism because the employee is ill or perhaps they have a sick child, the end result is the same. In a call center, flu season can cause a negative impact to your team, your customers and your metrics. Those agents who are still capable find […]

21 Nov 2012

While we pause to reflect on the things for which we are thankful, I want to take a moment and tell you what I am thankful for here are Working Solutions. Favorite Things It’s remarkable to reflect on how far we have come, particularly from those early days when we pioneered the at-home agent environment. […]

19 Nov 2012

The second installment of agent interviews is with a married couple who are both presently with Working Solutions. Here is what Connie and Scott Sorensen had to say: Favorite Things When we decided to change our career path after getting out of retail, we knew we did not want to return to corporate jobs. We […]

15 Nov 2012

As we head toward the American Thanksgiving holiday, it’s an ideal time to interview a few of our agents about being a virtual business owner. Our first interview is with Kimmie Heard, and here is what she had to say: “I’ve been at Working Solutions for six years now, having come from 15 years in […]