09 Apr 2019
work at home man looking at computer monitor with scam alert

Springtime has a couple of things in common, neither of them good—weeds and job scams. The first chokes out the green grass. The second rip-offs earnest job seekers. To get rid of the weeds, put down herbicides. For scams, job seekers should apply common sense, liberally, year-round. According to the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Report, […]

19 Mar 2019
woman on computer screen searching on how to best avoid work at home scams

So many frauds are occurring these days it’s hard to discern legitimate from larcenous. With cons abounding, the ever-vigilant Better Business Bureau (BBB) cautions consumers to beware in its “The Riskiest 5 Scams” of 2018. I’m most familiar with scam #1, employment fraud, where swindlers impersonate real companies such as ours, Working Solutions, a leader […]

21 Feb 2019
computer with scam alert message

Job scammers are at it again (as if they ever really left) claiming to be Working Solutions, a leader in legitimate, work-from-home positions. This time around, scammers are doing fake interviews in an app called Viper—and it’s not us. And they are still using Facebook and Google Hangouts—those haven’t gone away. We’re a likely target […]

09 May 2018

  Experts Offer Advice to Avoid Online Job Fraud Be forewarned. Respected jobsite FlexJobs, which checks its postings, cautions when applying for remote work at other sites: “Reports say there are 60-70 job scams for every one legitimate work-from-home job.” Stated another way: 98% to 99% of those at-home then might be scams. Compare those […]

01 Aug 2016

Use caution. Take care. As a kid, my Dad taught me caution when working. “Careless gets you hurt.” In our basement workshop, these few words—his rules—were written: 1. Listen. 2. Look. 3. Think. Whenever we started a project, Dad had me repeat them to reinforce safety and common sense. And when the job was done, he […]

11 Dec 2015

In the past, we’ve written about online job scams to protect Working Solutions agents and applicants. Today, we’re writing about it again in order to protect you—and our reputation as a legitimate work-at-home company. Using the URL workingsolutions.com, an outfit is pretending to be us. Job seekers are being recruited, with phony identities posted to […]