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military family at park looking at laptop

According to the Department of Defense, 85% of military spouses want or need work. If you are one of them and looking for flexible work you can do from home, say in the United States, then a remote job could be the right opportunity. Read this article to learn five relevant facts you should know […]

woman filling out schedule for work at home job

Remote work has many significant benefits, but there is no denying it’s much different than doing a traditional office job. And just like anything else that involves change, it requires an adjustment period to create new routines and habits to enable you to work effectively. The tips included in this article will help you settle […]

woman reading book about working from home

More and more, people are embracing working at home and there are increasingly more opportunities for those considering it as well. If you are interested in changing your lifestyle, then join our talent community and apply for a job today on Working Solutions. Try a new way of working and experience how profoundly it changes […]

work at home gig insider home office background

Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand contact center solutions, offering opportunities for independent contractors to partner with us on a variety of work-at-home jobs. In this month’s newsletter, Work-at-Home Gig Insider, we feature articles and relevant information about succeeding as a work-from-home, independent contractor.     [VIDEO] What do you love about Working […]

work at home man looking at computer monitor with scam alert

Springtime has a couple of things in common, neither of them good—weeds and job scams. The first chokes out the green grass. The second rip-offs earnest job seekers. To get rid of the weeds, put down herbicides. For scams, job seekers should apply common sense, liberally, year-round. According to the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Report, […]

woman talking about how much she loves to work from home jobs working solutions

  There’s nothing like hearing what our contact center agents think. Firsthand. In person. Out in the field. Such is the case, as captured in the new video, “We Asked Agents What They Love about Working Solutions.” It’s featured on the homepage of Working Solutions Jobs.     Their words resonate throughout our company, now […]

customer service agent working from home job reading home business online article

The beauty of the on-demand, customer-care model is that it serves many kinds of clients and fits the work-life styles of different contact center agents. To this point, the Home Business entrepreneurial website features a piece by Kim Houlne, Working Solutions chief executive who profiles several successful agents: “The Work-from-home Experience Can Be a Perfect […]

Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand contact center solutions, offering opportunities for independent contractors to partner with us on a variety of work-at-home jobs. This month, we are excited to announce our inaugural newsletter, Work-at-Home Gig Insider, which features articles and relevant information about succeeding as a work-from-home, independent contractor.     Be […]

produce on a table with the words work at home wellness

March is an exciting time of the year! From spring cleaning to spring break, it marks a period of rejuvenation that sparks joy in many. For Working Solutions, it signals the launch of our brand-new agent newsletter! This newsletter, called the Work-at-Home Gig Insider, features articles and information relevant to succeeding as a work-from-home, independent […]

work at home remote work force boss talking to employee via video chat

FlexJobs, an expert in remote work, reaffirms what many businesswomen already know: We are pacesetters in the virtual workforce movement—and have been for many years. This month, FlexJobs posted this piece,“15 Top Companies for Remote Jobs Run by Women.” The story is based on its own findings earlier this year about the 2019 Top 100 […]

woman on computer screen searching on how to best avoid work at home scams

So many frauds are occurring these days it’s hard to discern legitimate from larcenous. With cons abounding, the ever-vigilant Better Business Bureau (BBB) cautions consumers to beware in its “The Riskiest 5 Scams” of 2018. I’m most familiar with scam #1, employment fraud, where swindlers impersonate real companies such as ours, Working Solutions, a leader […]

man with headset on working from home

Nowadays, due to the expansion of remote work, most companies have team members who have never met each other in person. In these cases, the professional relationship is mediated by technology. Because of the physical barrier, often it can be tough for a remote worker to build rapport with teammates. As it turns out, working […]

woman working from home planning out the month to be the most productive

No life-draining commute to work. No one looking over your shoulder, micromanaging your every move. More flexibility to structure your workday. Being home to greet your kids when they come back from school. Working from home is pretty great and does come with undeniable benefits—but it’s not without challenges. One of the most common concerns […]

KHOU11 logo

  When it comes to job seekers finding real opportunities, Working Solutions, a leader in on-demand contact center outsourcing, is among the most recognized companies. And its industry leadership continues to be spotlighted by news media nationwide—this time in Houston, Texas. Reporter John Matarese for the KHOU 11 Consumer News “Don’t Waste Your Money” broadcast […]

girl on her iphone listening to podcast with an illustration podcast icon work at home tips and trick

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, and it’s really no surprise why, as they are entertaining and contain valuable information about a multitude of topics. Plus, they are incredibly convenient. You can listen to them and learn something new throughout the day, while you do other activities around the house. In this article, we’ve […]

woman on the phone and laptop working from home

While there are plenty of job scams around, job seekers can get some peace of mind—and maybe even offers—after reading this article, “Work From Home Guide: Legitimate work-at-home job opportunities,” posted on consumer expert Clark Howard’s website. Cautions Howard, a recognized consumer expert: “… most work-at-home offers are scams. One stat that I’ve seen says […]

computer with scam alert message

Job scammers are at it again (as if they ever really left) claiming to be Working Solutions, a leader in legitimate, work-from-home positions. This time around, scammers are doing fake interviews in an app called Viper—and it’s not us. And they are still using Facebook and Google Hangouts—those haven’t gone away. We’re a likely target […]

woman working remotely working from home

The percentage of people working from home has grown exponentially in the last years. New technologies make it so much easier for remote workers to perform their tasks. Despite this, working remotely can be a challenge for some persons because they don’t get to interact with coworkers in person. You may even think that there’s going to […]

man working from home as a customer service agent taking a break

In this day and age, anyone can start working from home and make a career out of it. Thanks to modern technology, you can now ditch the 9-5 routine and work however it’s best for you. Because of this, Working Solutions’ goal is  to provide legitimate, work-at-home opportunities. We believe that once you’ve discovered your passion or something you’re really […]

  Agent Education Specialist Virtual Contact Center Education/Curriculum Design   A Knack for Virtual Teaching Candy worked three years for a large Florida supermarket chain in its human resources department before jumping into college. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education in 2008, she began a five-year stint as a public school […]

virtual call center work from home, work at home agent best practices

  Sonya | Agent since 2012 More than 10 years of customer service in the healthcare, retail, financial services, and travel and hospitality industries.   Laughing Her Way to Success Sonya joined Working Solutions in 2012 as a contract agent, working client programs in the healthcare, retail, and travel and hospitality industries. When dealing with tough […]

woman organizing her schedule for work at home job

The opportunity to work from home is definitely something to cherish. There are, however, some aspects about it you should keep in mind. For many, being in charge of their own work routine is a dream come true. And thankfully, a well-planned routine can have many benefits. In this article, we go through the best […]

laptop with a screen warning user of some scams

Scams are big hindrances for honest people who are looking to work from home. Falling for one can be stressful and may even lead to a loss of money or time. While the remote job market has become a better place for job seekers, the reality is there are still some who prey on the […]

woman searching for work at home jobs

Today’s workplace is a global one and working from home has become more and more popular in recent years. Along with this surge in popularity, a series of myths also has formed around the concept of remote work. We’ve tackled four of the most common misconceptions you might hear about work-at-home jobs—and debunked them. So […]

lettering of happy 2019 new year

With 2019, Working Solutions starts its 23rd year well-positioned as new clients sign on with us. Our recognition as an industry leader is energized by your dedication as agents committed to outstanding customer service. FlexJobs, which promotes “a better way to work,” has named Working Solutions among its Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs. We, […]

woman working at home as a customer service representative

There’s no shortage of jobs for contact center agents — especially for someone skilled in customer care, who has a bit of experience, and who’s a true “people person.” Whether it’s inbound or outbound work, handling standard inquiries or performing high-level troubleshooting, skilled contact center agents are always in demand. Yet not all of those […]

woman looking for jobs online from home

The opportunity to work from home sounds like a tempting prospect for anyone. Yet, many people don’t want to be freelancers or aren’t interested in starting a home business. Thankfully, there is always the option to get a remote job. Many people are working as home-based, customer-service representatives, outbound or inbound contact center agents and […]

man working from home with laptop

A regular job definitely comes with its own benefits. For example, there’s the advantage of working alongside a team, where you can socialize and also count on others for help in difficult situations. Yet, as beneficial as it might be, the office environment doesn’t fit everyone. And for people in this situation, there is the […]

pumpkin background center piece with words happy thanks giving

Offering Personalized Service that People Can Expect Year-round This year, Working Solutions celebrates its 22nd Thanksgiving as a company. From simple beginnings of a one-woman office in Omaha, Nebraska, we expanded into a network today of more than 110,000 agents across the United States and Canada. Now headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the core to Working […]

woman working from home as a customer service representative

Contact center life can be quite challenging when you’re just getting started, mainly because you’ll interact daily with a lot of different people. This means you’ll need to adapt to each conversation to be as helpful as possible. Contact center agents usually learn how to approach customers by practicing every day. There are definitely some […]

customer service agent working from home

Companies are clamoring for seasonal help this year more than ever, according to FlexJobs and other workforce jobsites. You can take your pick: Treetop adventurer: Fly through the air as a temporary zip-line instructor. Defensive driver: Maneuver a delivery van through crazy holiday traffic. Manual laborer: Stand for hours processing orders at a distribution center. […]

work at home jobs, health care customer service jobs

  Renee | Agent since 2015 A flexible work schedule enables her to balance life and the job.   A Shared Dream Renee looked forward to a fresh start when she joined Working Solutions as a virtual agent in 2015. Prior experience prepared her well for her first assignment, where she helped customers with their medical, […]

work at home desktop on desk for job headphones and books

  Working remotely gives you the freedom to choose whatever workplace you desire, provided it’s safe and secure. Working outside a regular 9-to-5 office job does have it downsides, however. Don’t worry. With a little planning, you can perform well at home. Setting up a designated home office eliminates distractions you may experience working remotely. […]

woman holding blackboard with work from home announcement

Go to the Head of the Class as an On-demand Contact Center Agent School is back in session. The kids are out of the house. Yay! Peace and quiet. But, there’s more. Now, you’ve got six to seven hours free, five days a week, to work from home. Do the math: Multiplied against 180 days […]

  Enit | Agent since 2001 Resource leader with eight years of experience in the communications industry.   Still a Perfect Fit after 15 years Call it a leap of faith. With two years of business administration at a community college, Enit decided to work from home after being laid off from a children’s educational […]

Featured image for work at home computer buying guide episode 1

Most work-at-home jobs tend to require you use your own personal computer. Buying computers these days can be confusing. With so many options, it is not always clear if the machine you want will meet the basic standards for your average work-from-home program. To keep it simple, we came up with four baseline specs to […]

work at home jobs, best work at home jobs

  Mona | Agent and employee since 2003 She carved out a career working from home when such opportunities were fewer.   More than an Agent, More than an Employee While a contract agent, Mona covered the gamut of clients and industries. But that’s only the start of her story. Her 15 years with Working […]

work at home jobs, virtual call center best practices, work from home,

  Amanda | Agent since 2016 Amanda had zero contact center experience before coming to Working Solutions. Yet, within less than a year, she’s proved to be a natural in this line of work.   No Stranger to Her Customers Growing up, Amanda spent as much time with her grandparents as she could. “My grandparents were […]

woman working from home and saving money

  Working Solutions Has Immediate Openings in Sales and Service. Working from home has many benefits, such as saving $1,000s a year on in-office expenses. And that money can be invested elsewhere, which equals a double payback. Before working from home, I always kept track of daily out-of-pocket expenses incurred at the office. They included […]

work at home jobs, best work at home jobs

  Are you considering taking on an opportunity to work from home? As a parent, you have plenty of reasons to choose remote work as your next career move. Besides increasing your family’s income and being a part of the workforce, you’ll also get to enjoy: Increased flexibility and freedom. Having your kids close by. […]

  Senior Agent Education Specialist Virtual Contact Center Education/Curriculum Design   Making Education Personal Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in education, Katie went right to work teaching elementary students in Orlando public schools. After three years there, and with a real estate license in hand, she moved into property sales. That job ended four […]

looking for tips on best jobs from home

  Working from Home is Worthwhile Working from home is a dream come true for many people. A remote job comes with perks that an office job could never possibly offer. Still, it opens the door to new challenges. And it is easy to fall prey to all kinds of distractions, which will prevent you […]

celebrating 4th of July

  Liberated Contact Center Agents in the Gig Economy Working Solutions’ beginnings are Americana, through and through. Twenty-two years ago, I started the company as a one-woman operation. Set up shop in Omaha, Nebraska, right in the American heartland. Equipped the office with nothing more than a desk, credenza, phone and computer. A $1,000 outlay. […]

work at home jobs best practices

With no commute and flexible works hours, working remotely is a great option for moms trying to balance professional satisfaction with personal happiness and taking care of their families. However, it’s not something which is always easy to manage, which is why some work at home moms may experience stress from time to time. The good […]


While you’re in the corporate office, it is easy to daydream about how you could be performing your work at home. This opportunity, however, is closer to you than you might think. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular and in high demand. An ever-growing number of people prefer the freedom to be in their […]

woman applying for a work at home job at a cafe

  The decision to pursue a work-from-home job is admirable. However, take some time to think about the responsibilities it might entail. Don’t worry, none of them are insurmountable, yet it pays to be prepared. What if we told you that the shortest leap is the toughest one? Exactly. The remote jobs industry may come […]


  Experts Offer Advice to Avoid Online Job Fraud Be forewarned. Respected jobsite FlexJobs, which checks its postings, cautions when applying for remote work at other sites: “Reports say there are 60-70 job scams for every one legitimate work-from-home job.” Stated another way: 98% to 99% of those at-home then might be scams. Compare those […]

providing exceptional customer service

  Kathy | Agent since 2015 A resource agent in the consumer services industry, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.   Here to Serve Kathy is an agent success advocate with Working Solutions. She motivates agents to be the very best, on every call, every day. Before coming here, Kathy earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology […]

  Agent Education and Development Manager Professional Experience | Virtual Contact Center Education / Curriculum Design   Education—All the Way Alison comes from a family of educators, and wanted to be one herself. To that end, she got her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. And later, she’d earn a Master of Arts in teaching and […]

customer service agent that works from home

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to work-from-home. The sought-after skills for virtual jobs vary, from being bilingual to having higher-Ed degrees.  You should know then there are many legitimate, work-from-home options out there today. For example, our agent workforce is made up of highly qualified independent contractors, representing various industries. Odds […]

work at home agent job, best work at home agent practices

  Working from home may seem like a dream job. You don’t have to commute, which means you’re not wasting at least a couple of hours in traffic. Even if you may think you can take breaks whenever you want, this can hurt your productivity. You still have a set working schedule—a routine respected by […]

FlexJobs Names the Best Businesses for Remote Work in 2018 For the third year in a row, Working Solutions (WSOL) ranks among the Top 10 for FlexJobs Top 100 Companies this year. Taking the #10 spot, the ranking reaffirms WSOL’s position among organizations offering legitimate, work-from-home opportunities. This distinction is well worth knowing for job […]

best work at home job tips, work at home jobs

Getting hired to perform a customer care job from home requires having a particular set of skills that will help you finish all related tasks successfully. The good news is that all these abilities are the kind you can improve on. If you’re looking for a quick way of finding out if working in this […]

virtual call center, best practices

  Get More Accomplished while working from home After more than 20 years in the on-demand contact center industry, I’ve come across some great work-from-home practices and a few not-so-good ones, too. Whatever the work style or work space, an agent needs to be efficient and productive. While remote work from home is flexible, it […]

A video card and a poem just for you…   I took a lick Of a peppermint stick And oh it tasted yummy   It used to be In a candy dish But now it’s in my tummy!   We might be terrible poets, but we are really good at providing “Work from Home jobs”. […]

virtual call center best culture, call center jobs, virtual call center jobs

  What Employees and Agents Teach Us Did you ever arrive somewhere and ask: “How did we go so far, so fast?” I feel that way in December, with Christmas only a few days away. Time seems to accelerate, especially during the holidays. It wasn’t that long ago that Kim met with our work at […]

work at home jobs, virtual call center jobs, best job to work from home

  Sound Advice for the New Year, Too Sharp agents equal great service. Throughout the year, Working Solutions reinforces that belief in its blogs. In 2017, the most-read ones included tips for becoming a contact center agent, how to work well from home and qualities of the best agents. Recapping these blogs is good […]

tip to work at home office, work at home home office

  Invest in the Right PC to Perform Well You’re about to begin the New Year. In your new work from home job. And with it, comes new high-tech requirements for working from home. As a first-time agent, it’s enough to make you, well… “newrotic.” Fear not. Justin Dumlao, manager of agent technology support at […]

  On the Road. Giving Thanks. You know what’s the best part of my job, what I’m most grateful for year after year? Meeting with you, our agents, face-to-face, on the road, in the places where you serve clients and their customers. I value our time together, especially this week, Thanksgiving week. As I look […]

  “Would you recommend to a fiend?” To get into the Halloween spirit, I browsed the web for horror stories that frighten call center agents—and their supervisors as well. The ones not told at Working Solution University because such scary things are, well, best left unsaid. Besides, if known, no one would believe you on […]

work at home call center agent, remote work at home agent, kim houlne

Working Solutions is rolling out its refreshed brand, updating the look and feel of our agent and corporate websites. In modernizing it, we listened to you, applicants and agents—and clients and their customers. As a leader in on-demand contact center solutions, we made sure our updated brand embodies the best of everyone’s thinking. As we […]

We spend a significant amount of time discussing metrics, reporting, retention, routing sequences, and customer insights, all of which are important in any contact center. However, there is one component that cannot be forgotten – the team of professionals who are essential in assuring that every customer contact is an amazing experience. It takes a […]

Top Work from Home Part Time Jobs

  Named among Top 50 Companies for Part-time Jobs FlexJobs, a leader in remote-work opportunities, recently recognized Working Solutions as being among the “Top 50 Companies Hiring for Part-Time Work-from-Home Jobs.” This distinction adds to growing recognition of Working Solutions from FlexJobs, a professional job service, which guarantees on its site: “Every job is hand-screened […]

20 Work-from-Home Companies That Are Hiring For Working Solutions, it’s validation three times over. Citing a Forbes story, Glassdoor blogger Emily Moore lists it among the top companies for work-from-home opportunities, referring to a FlexJobs 2017 remote jobs report. Moore writes these companies, including industry leaders such as Amazon and Hilton, are in the vanguard […]

work-at-home-best-practices, how-to-best-set-up-home-office, online-office

  You’ve landed your first work-at-home customer service job. Congrats. Now, it’s time to get ready for the big day. Here’s how to prepare for your first customer-service shift. Make the Most of Your Development Development is an important part of your first customer service job because it’s truly designed to teach you the ins […]

work from home, virtual agents jobs

  Agent Education Specialist Virtual Contact Center Education/Curriculum Design   Preparing Agents for Success Sara was putting herself through school to teach when she started her career with Working Solutions. That was in 2010, with her first job as a customer service agent. Before that, she worked as a reservation sales agent for United Airlines […]

Hands on Agent Education

  Manager of Education and Development Virtual Contact Center Education/Curriculum Design   Education by Design Carla’s career is steeped in education and curriculum design. After earning a Bachelor of Science in elementary education, she taught second grade in the Ohio public school system for three years. She then moved into the corporate world, taking on […]

Work at Home Customer Service Agent Tips

Tips from our Director of Recruiting and Virtual Talent   To excel as a work-from-home customer service agent at Working Solutions, you need to know how to deliver great service and exceed customers’ expectations. Plus, do it all remotely—not as employees, but as independent contractors. Work-from-home contact center agents embody the 21st-century labor force: Have […]

  Senior Agent Education Specialist Virtual Contact Center Education/Curriculum Design   Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher As a child, Crystal Holmes had made up her mind. “I always knew I would be a teacher.” For 10 years, she taught in public schools. Then, her sister-in-law, who was an instructor for Working Solutions, told her […]

work at home agent

It’s that time of year again! Chestnuts roasting over open fires, holiday twinkling of lights, delivery men ringing the doorbell with your latest online delivery, kids arguing over the TV remote, husbands wanting to know what gifts to buy. Yes, it’s that wonderful holiday season that can wreak havoc on a normally quiet, peaceful environment. […]

Healthcare Customer Service Agent

“They know your name, you’re not a number. They care about your welfare and give you the training to succeed.”   Annalee | Agent since 2012 Experienced in healthcare, communications and consumer services, with associate’s degrees in crops and soil management and in floral design.   Cascading Care Annalee is quick to answer when asked why […]

Louise loves the fact that Working Solutions pays for all training classes and certifications. She says management always brings the work and training agents want and need.   Louise | Agent since 2013 A TICO-certified travel agent with 25+ years in the industry and a bachelor’s in managerial economics.   Destined for Travel Louise went […]

“I love Working Solutions. They truly appreciate their contractors. And the atmosphere—the positive morale and comradery—provides for a better working environment.”   Marilee | Agent since 2014 Twenty years of travel experience with proficiency in Sabre, Worldspan and Apollo reservation systems.   The Art and Heart of It Marilee logged nearly seven years as a […]

Mekkel likes the Working Solutions culture, saying, “Everyone is so friendly and upbeat, and will go out of their way to help you. I love the management team and the training.”   Mekkel | Agent Since 2013 Resource leader with eight years of experience in the communications industry.   Listen More, Stress Less Before joining […]

Morgan feels she has found a real gem in Working Solutions. “Everybody has been really, really kind to me.”   Morgan Six years of experience in the healthcare, communications, and consumer and retail industries, with an associate’s degree in psychology.   Speaks Customer Service Morgan speaks two languages. The first is English. The second is […]

“There’s a strong desire for cohesiveness. We share the same goals. We love our families and our company, and we want to do right by both.”   Cynthia | Agent Since 2014 Specialist in sales, customer care and escalated service calls for consumer and retail.   Lean into the Call Cynthia had worked for contact centers […]

“Of all my professional jobs I have worked, my job with Working Solutions has been the greatest job and by far the most rewarding.”   Andréa | Agent Since 2012 Experienced in healthcare, communications and consumer and retail, with bachelor’s degrees in construction management and architectural design.   Say It with a Smile If a […]

Use caution. Take care. As a kid, my Dad taught me caution when working. “Careless gets you hurt.” In our basement workshop, these few words—his rules—were written: 1. Listen. 2. Look. 3. Think. Whenever we started a project, Dad had me repeat them to reinforce safety and common sense. And when the job was done, he […]

Cheryl says Working Solutions provides a great opportunity for anybody looking to work from home. “I would say it’s the best company for working from home.”   Cheryl | Agent Since 2007 Sixteen years of experience in the travel industry, with a specialty in hotel bookings.   Being the Hotel After working a variety of programs […]

Beth values the professionalism shown by the company’s leadership. “Management has been very supportive. They want us to succeed.”   Beth | Agent since 2006 Twenty years of travel experience with proficiency in Sabre, Worldspan and Apollo reservation systems.   Go the Extra Mile Beth specializes in destinations, with more than 20 years of getting 10,000s […]

“When I first met Kim (founder) at a company event, she already knew my name. Just to know somebody’s name is to say you care.”   Paula | Agent Since 2009 A resource leader with five years of experience in consumer and retail and eight years in tech support.   Hardware to Handbags High tech or high […]

Jaimee was looking to work for a reputable contact service provider. On Glassdoor, she saw one that consistently received high marks: Working Solutions   Jaimee | Agent Since 2012 Resource leader in consumer and retail, with a bachelor’s degree and dual major in business and human resource management.   In Their Shoes Looking to work for […]

In the past, we’ve written about online job scams to protect Working Solutions agents and applicants. Today, we’re writing about it again in order to protect you—and our reputation as a legitimate work-at-home company. Using the URL, an outfit is pretending to be us. Job seekers are being recruited, with phony identities posted to […]


Years ago, Fast Company did an article entitled, “The Brand Called You.” It centers on personalizing your brand to become a sought-after free agent.  If ever there was a time to become “You, Inc.,” it’s now—five years after the Great Recession and still counting. To prosper, you should monetize your at-home skills in five ways. […]

[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”] Education comes at a price. And while earning a degree is hard enough, graduating in debt and with no job prospects is even tougher. If that’s the case, you’re already living the headlines: “For Recent Grads, Good Jobs Really Are Hard to Find”—The Wall Street Journal. “It’s An Exceptionally Bad Time To […]

With organizations poised to spend approximately $100 billion on cloud technologies this year, we know that virtualization is of great interest, particularly with the benefits of higher productivity and cost savings. However, it’s not only technology that is heading to the cloud, but professionals who want to manage their own careers as well. Recently, Working […]

home-shore-training, best-practice-training, virtual-agents

  Engaging a virtual audience can be a challenge, particularly when your audience can be easily lost to thoughts about errands to run, things to do and generally anything other than the topic at hand. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. By utilizing well thought-out presentation techniques, you can successfully engage your […]

The people who dedicate themselves to defending our country are to be applauded. However, it’s not only the men or women who enlist, but their families who also dedicate themselves to our country. A great example is the spouses of military personnel who must move frequently in order to support a military career. The constant […]

Our fourth and final post in the agent series is from Becky Absher, seasoned contract agent of 12 years who has run the gamut in remote agent and resource agent rolls. This is what Becky shared: Thankful for – Control Over My Schedule  I started with Working Solutions after trying another work-at-home contract and have […]

Our third post in the agent series is from Chris Ramer, 7-year veteran contractor and resource leader. Here’s what Chris had to say: Thankful for – a Change of Pace I am fortunate to have worked from home as an independent contractor since around 2000. My former career was in the medical field working closely […]

Our second post in the agent series is from Patti Jensen, seasoned agent and resource leader who has contracted with Working Solutions for six years. Here’s what Patti shared: Thankful for – Work-at-Home Opportunities I have been working from home for many years. Originally I had an in-home day care which was not going as […]

Our first agent interview is with Aldo Covarrubias, a relative newcomer to Working Solutions, having just joined our team in June of this year. When asked what he was thankful for, Aldo had this to say: Thankful for – Work I was laid off my job as a call center representative on January 18th. Because […]

The American Thanksgiving holiday is approaching and as is tradition, it’s time to give thanks, reflect on the prior year, and ponder the future. Our upcoming posts will be a series on what we are thankful for, with several from our agents. I am happy to begin this series with my own thanks. Thankful For […]

Yesterday was Veterans Day, the day we take time to acknowledge the sacrifices given by veterans and their families. It’s important to recognize those who make it their mission to protect our country and way of life. For many it means a day off work, perhaps to attend a parade or celebration for the veterans, […]

Mompreneurs are an amazing group of women who balance entrepreneurship and parenting. Neither is an easy task and combined make for a special set of circumstances – and a special type of woman who fulfills these roles. They take multitasking to a whole new level! And do so beautifully. Mompreneur is a term coined in […]

It’s no secret that customer experience starts with agents. Obviously happy agents provide better customer service by feeling good about what they do. Agents are no different than anyone else in a company – they want to know that what they do matters. And they want to know they matter and are not just numbers […]

work_at_home, summer_vacation_work_at_home_jobs, best_way_to outsource_jobs, best_customer_service_call_center_offshore

Ah, summer! That time of year when we all head to our favorite place and enjoy time with family, friends, and loved ones. Unless your company has a moratorium on summer vacations, you may find yourself in the unenviable position of continuing “business as usual” even though there are many folks out enjoying a summer […]

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” – Albert Einstein In the United States, this is the time of year we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Our forefathers fought bravely to ensure that we were free from oppression and could choose our […]

The most recent data on mobile phone subscribers worldwide is staggering. The estimate, based on 2012 usage figures, is around five billion users. According to the 2012 Mobile Future In Focus report by comScore, more than 42% of United States wireless subscribers, and 44% of European Union subscribers now carry smartphones. Smartphone Niche Market There’s […]

Over the last several years, there has been a rather dramatic shift in the way that customers interact with companies. The rapid rise of internet technology has put the customer in a position of power – both when it comes to doing business and to speaking out about those purchases. Now it is the norm […]

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Class size is a matter of significant importance for organizations looking to maximize the value of virtual agent training and development programs. Failure to take this into account has the potential to lessen agent comprehension of vital information. This could result in both decreased company efficiency, and lower levels of service for clients. To ensure […]

It’s a well-known fact that good soft skills are critical for virtual contact center agents. The most effective agents have the innate ability to complete transactions successfully with even the angriest customers, ensuring that a positive resolution is reached for all parties. As is the case with technology, the soft skills now needed in contact […]

Delivering quality training goes beyond talking at the front of a room. It requires significant forethought into how each individual will learn the information, and then developing a well-rounded curriculum that supports every learning style. If there is no physical room and the training occurs virtually, understanding different learning styles is even more critical. To […]

Much has been made about the Yahoo move to stop their remote work program and have employees return to the office. (In fact, we have weighed in on how virtual workers and strategies make a difference.) Now Best Buy has made a similar decision to reverse their ‘Results Only Work Environment’ or ROWE, and also […]

We have over 100,000 highly qualified agents in our database ready to tackle any challenge, expertly handle every customer interaction and radically improve the quality of customer care for our clients. Yet, if we did a poll I’m betting that the majority of people would say they did not plan on becoming an Agent OnDemand™. […]

The paradigm of The New World of Work is the most important economic change we’ve seen in our generation. One of the key things to consider when navigating this change is grasping the ever-changing landscape of technology. Technology has now enabled the worker in ways that revolutionize entire industries. Talent, skills, experience and knowledge can now be […]

Every office struggles when flu season rolls around. Whether it’s absenteeism because the employee is ill or perhaps they have a sick child, the end result is the same. In a call center, flu season can cause a negative impact to your team, your customers and your metrics. Those agents who are still capable find […]

You’ve created your personal brand and you’ve gone out and marketed yourself, so what’s next?  If you want to continue to build your brand, there is always work to be done. Creating and then building your personal brand are the first steps in an ongoing process of maintaining how people perceive you.  While you can’t control […]

In our previous post on creating a personal brand, we discussed how important it is in the new world of work to understand the concept and begin developing a solid personal brand. The next step is to generate awareness about your brand. In essence, you must market yourself. Similar to the methods organizations use, an […]

This time of year can be overwhelming for many, creating extra pressure in their already stressful lives. Unfortunately, this stress can also bleed over when they interact with a contact center agent. Regardless of the type of transaction, terse conversations can occur via chat, email or good old telephone. When that happens, it is up […]

Today’s New World of Work requires everyone to consider their personal brand. Whether you are a C-Suite executive, a mid-level manager or a contractor, the first thing any potential employer will do is search for your name online. What will they find? Is your online presence in order across your social media networks and memberships […]

While we pause to reflect on the things for which we are thankful, I want to take a moment and tell you what I am thankful for here are Working Solutions. Favorite Things It’s remarkable to reflect on how far we have come, particularly from those early days when we pioneered the at-home agent environment. […]

The second installment of agent interviews is with a married couple who are both presently with Working Solutions. Here is what Connie and Scott Sorensen had to say: Favorite Things When we decided to change our career path after getting out of retail, we knew we did not want to return to corporate jobs. We […]

As we head toward the American Thanksgiving holiday, it’s an ideal time to interview a few of our agents about being a virtual business owner. Our first interview is with Kimmie Heard, and here is what she had to say: “I’ve been at Working Solutions for six years now, having come from 15 years in […]

There are several key factors to operating a virtual call center that also ensures excellent customer service. As we have stated previously, our number one factor is hiring the best. To attract the best we must provide an environment where they can thrive. Doing so ensures you provide outstanding customer service while maximizing productivity. So […]

What creates a strong culture? Is it actual face to face time? Or is it the ability to create a philosophy, a belief system that permeates every aspect of your organization? Companies capable of building culture understand that it is strongly influenced by identity. By placing team members squarely in the center of culture development, […]

With the rise in “homeshoring,” whereby businesses are reversing the trend of hiring overseas call centers by hiring domestic (U.S.-based) agents, home-based agent jobs are in great demand. Many companies still use in-house, or on-premise agents, but the home-based agent model clearly has many advantages, including cost and efficiency. Still, they’re not the solution for everyone. […]

Agent recruiters have their work cut out for them: they’re recruiting not just for customer service skills and efficiency but also tech-savviness and the ability to absorb large amounts of information about the many products and services now common in the consumer space. I’ve written before about emotional intelligence and its importance in recruiting and […]

Let’s face it, working as a call center agent can be physically and emotionally stressful. Long hours spent sitting in a chair, potentially irate callers itching for a confrontation over a complaint, spending the entire day staring at a computer screen — the routine can try even the best, most patient and otherwise healthy agent. […]

If you’ve been following this blog for a few weeks, you’ll remember that I discussed in previous posts the top traits required of agents who want to provide only the best customer service, including a positive attitude, problem solving skills, and product knowledge. We determined these critical traits after surveying our own top agents, and […]

Memorial Day is a time for our nation to celebrate the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have given  their lives for our country. These brave men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect us and others in this world. Today we thank them for their sacrifice, celebrate their memory […]

In the previous posts in this five-part series, I detailed that product knowledge and problem solving  are two of the top traits that agents need to ensure a superior customer service experience. By surveying our own independent agents, we compiled a list of the top five skills and traits valued by contact center agents. The […]

As technology has improved, more and more people are working from home. Millions of Americans now work from home at least one day out of the week. Numerous studies have shown that at-home workers are less stressed, have higher job satisfaction, are less likely to leave their jobs, and enjoy a greater work-life balance. Our […]

Coaching in a virtual call center definitely has its challenges. The biggest challenge: communication. Managers don’t have the luxury of calling an agent into a meeting room to talk or to directly observe how they work, which is why utilizing the best communications technology is extremely necessary in managing a virtual workforce. Doing so ensures […]

When most people think of the advantages of working virtually, they typically think of things such as avoiding the horrendous traffic that is part of a daily commute, saving money on gas, and the flexibility they receive in both their professional and personal lives. But there is another huge benefit of having a virtual workforce—it’s  […]

This month, Gail Cahill celebrates her 10-year anniversary as a Working Solutions independent agent. Her story is a common one: having worked for years in a traditional brick-and-mortar call center, she craved flexibility and work/life balance so  she could devote time to her husband and young daughter. When she started as a contract agent for […]

When I started Working Solutions 16 years ago, communication between agents was difficult and limited. Many home agents felt isolated from their team, but we were able to create and grow our team. With today’s technological advances, it’s easier than ever to create a sense of community in a virtual call center environment. Online Resources Our […]

In an earlier post, I detailed how exceptional customer service requires high-caliber agents. To determine the skills and traits agents know are most important for delivering excellent service, we surveyed our own high-caliber agents for their thoughts. In this first post in a five-part series, I cover the skill that our agents deemed the most […]

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  When most people hear the phrase “work from home,” the image may come to mind of someone wearing pajamas, working from the couch, likely multitasking work with house chores and children. But in reality, that’s not the case. It takes a person with some key traits to be a home agent for a virtual […]

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Contractors. Freelancers. Consultants. The self employed. It is predicted that by the year 2020, these independent workers will become the majority of our country’s workforce. With today’s economic conditions, it’s no surprise that our workforce is becoming increasingly independent. Companies, in an effort to cut costs, are utilizing these workers for one-off assignments and long-term, […]

We have a saying at Working Solutions: “Our agents are the best of the best.” And we mean it. We’ve been able to build a vast, highly skilled network of at-home professionals using the same criteria we’ve used since starting the company 16 years ago. Here’s a glimpse into what makes our agents the best. […]

If you think it’s hard to engage people in a regular classroom, you can imagine how difficult it becomes in a virtual environment. Distractions abound, and as in any learning situation, your audience can be easily lost to thoughts about errands to run, things to do and generally anything other than the topic at hand. […]

Premier call centers use the best technology, have excellent training and quality assurance programs, and are quick to adopt new customer communication channels such as social media. However, at the end of the day, the biggest asset in any call center is its agents. They know more about what goes on within an organization than […]

Whether you have an in-house team or use an outsourced call center, some basic practices will improve their effectiveness and your bottom line. These best practices are not limited to your outbound sales or telemarketing teams; anyone answering the phone has the potential to affect your sales. Communicate Goals Set goals for your agents, and […]

We never set out to do these wonderful things. We never imagined that we would be affecting so many people’s lives: agents’ lives, clients’ lives and customers’ lives. It really was set out because there was a need. So we had to take the philosophies and the practices of marketing and management, which you do […]