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woman working at home as a customer service representative

There’s no shortage of jobs for contact center agents — especially for someone skilled in customer care, who has a bit of experience, and who’s a true “people person.” Whether it’s inbound or outbound work, handling standard inquiries or performing high-level troubleshooting, skilled contact center agents are always in demand. Yet not all of those […]

woman looking for jobs online from home

The opportunity to work from home sounds like a tempting prospect for anyone. Yet, many people don’t want to be freelancers or aren’t interested in starting a home business. Thankfully, there is always the option to get a remote job. Many people are working as home-based, customer-service representatives, outbound or inbound contact center agents and […]

office at home work work with desk desktop and office chair

Many of us shudder at the idea of getting up early in the morning. It does have a lot of benefits, however. Waking up early properly prepares you for the day ahead. It gives you a lot of extra time to get things in order and enjoy daytime to the fullest. After all, as Benjamin […]

laptop searching for work at home jobs

Contact center jobs are coveted in the job market nowadays. They are excellent as starting positions for persons who have no or little previous experience, especially for those who have never worked in a company. Working as a contact center agent is also perfect for students or young adults who want to begin a career […]

man working from home with laptop

A regular job definitely comes with its own benefits. For example, there’s the advantage of working alongside a team, where you can socialize and also count on others for help in difficult situations. Yet, as beneficial as it might be, the office environment doesn’t fit everyone. And for people in this situation, there is the […]

There are those instances when a job offer might seem just too good to be true. In cases like these, it always good to be skeptical. In the remote-jobs industry, there are, albeit few, bad actors on the lookout to scam people. Getting the chance to work from home is a dream come true for […]

pumpkin background center piece with words happy thanks giving

Offering Personalized Service that People Can Expect Year-round This year, Working Solutions celebrates its 22nd Thanksgiving as a company. From simple beginnings of a one-woman office in Omaha, Nebraska, we expanded into a network today of more than 110,000 agents across the United States and Canada. Now headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the core to Working […]

laptop with a its time for a new job sign on the screen

Learn a New Skill and Make Some Extra Money How about a meaningful job that lasts months longer—now through April 15—with opportunities for additional work afterward? In a few days, we’ll teach you all you need to know. Working Solutions is recruiting agents in the United States to provide customer service for tax software support. […]

woman working from home as a customer service representative

Contact center life can be quite challenging when you’re just getting started, mainly because you’ll interact daily with a lot of different people. This means you’ll need to adapt to each conversation to be as helpful as possible. Contact center agents usually learn how to approach customers by practicing every day. There are definitely some […]

woman using notecards to organize her work at home schedule

Not having to leave home to earn a living comes with a significant set of perks. There is no denying, however, the fact that working from home is different than going into an office. And it does take some adjusting. In this article, we will share some tips on how to work from a home-based […]