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happy customer service agent on the phone

When you think about call centers, probably the last thing that comes to mind is acting. Here’s the thing, though—you wouldn’t imagine how much an actor and a call center agent have in common. While an actor usually works with an audience or in front of a camera, an agent works with individuals one-on-one. Both, […]

work at home desktop on desk for job headphones and books

  Working remotely gives you the freedom to choose whatever workplace you desire, provided it’s safe and secure. Working outside a regular 9-to-5 office job does have it downsides, however. Don’t worry. With a little planning, you can perform well at home. Setting up a designated home office eliminates distractions you may experience working remotely. […]

mom planning calendar for work at home jobs

  Going to work has very much been the norm throughout history. However, with recent times, the job market has changed. Now, it is becoming increasingly frequent for adults to work remotely in all sorts of domains. Whether you’re considering getting a remote job or you’re already a work from home mom, this article is […]

woman holding blackboard with work from home announcement

Go to the Head of the Class as an On-demand Contact Center Agent School is back in session. The kids are out of the house. Yay! Peace and quiet. But, there’s more. Now, you’ve got six to seven hours free, five days a week, to work from home. Do the math: Multiplied against 180 days […]

  Enit | Agent since 2001 Resource leader with eight years of experience in the communications industry.   Still a Perfect Fit after 15 years Call it a leap of faith. With two years of business administration at a community college, Enit decided to work from home after being laid off from a children’s educational […]

Featured image for work at home computer buying guide episode 1

Most work-at-home jobs tend to require you use your own personal computer. Buying computers these days can be confusing. With so many options, it is not always clear if the machine you want will meet the basic standards for your average work-from-home program. To keep it simple, we came up with four baseline specs to […]

work at home jobs, best work at home jobs

  Mona | Agent and employee since 2003 She carved out a career working from home when such opportunities were fewer.   More than an Agent, More than an Employee While a contract agent, Mona covered the gamut of clients and industries. But that’s only the start of her story. Her 15 years with Working […]

work at home jobs, virtual call center best practices, work from home,

  Amanda | Agent since 2016 Amanda had zero contact center experience before coming to Working Solutions. Yet, within less than a year, she’s proved to be a natural in this line of work.   No Stranger to Her Customers Growing up, Amanda spent as much time with her grandparents as she could. “My grandparents were […]

woman working from home and saving money

  Working Solutions Has Immediate Openings in Sales and Service. Working from home has many benefits, such as saving $1,000s a year on in-office expenses. And that money can be invested elsewhere, which equals a double payback. Before working from home, I always kept track of daily out-of-pocket expenses incurred at the office. They included […]