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desk with laptop mouse and notebooks for work at home jobs

  Are you prepared to take the next step? Often, many of us dream of changing the landscape in our careers. Well, there’s no point in dreaming about it anymore. Working from home is more achievable than you think. If you want to give it a shot, then it pays to prepare. There are some […]

looking for tips on best jobs from home

  Working from Home is Worthwhile Working from home is a dream come true for many people. A remote job comes with perks that an office job could never possibly offer. Still, it opens the door to new challenges. And it is easy to fall prey to all kinds of distractions, which will prevent you […]

celebrating 4th of July

  Liberated Contact Center Agents in the Gig Economy Working Solutions’ beginnings are Americana, through and through. Twenty-two years ago, I started the company as a one-woman operation. Set up shop in Omaha, Nebraska, right in the American heartland. Equipped the office with nothing more than a desk, credenza, phone and computer. A $1,000 outlay. […]

work at home jobs best practices

With no commute and flexible works hours, working remotely is a great option for moms trying to balance professional satisfaction with personal happiness and taking care of their families. However, it’s not something which is always easy to manage, which is why some work at home moms may experience stress from time to time. The good […]


While you’re in the corporate office, it is easy to daydream about how you could be performing your work at home. This opportunity, however, is closer to you than you might think. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular and in high demand. An ever-growing number of people prefer the freedom to be in their […]

woman applying for a work at home job at a cafe

  The decision to pursue a work-from-home job is admirable. However, take some time to think about the responsibilities it might entail. Don’t worry, none of them are insurmountable, yet it pays to be prepared. What if we told you that the shortest leap is the toughest one? Exactly. The remote jobs industry may come […]

never too late to start again

  Most people are not comfortable making changes, especially when it comes down to something as drastic as quitting your job. Despite this, a recent study showed a large percent of office workers would be willing to quit and choose a company that allows working from home. Reducing commute time, being more productive or increased […]

work from home agent personality

  Working from home comes with significant perks, such as: Having a flexible schedule Dedicating more time to yourself and your family Avoiding a long commute Maintaining great a life/work balance Not having to dress up Being free to set up your office anywhere you want If you are considering this style of work, however, […]


  Experts Offer Advice to Avoid Online Job Fraud Be forewarned. Respected jobsite FlexJobs, which checks its postings, cautions when applying for remote work at other sites: “Reports say there are 60-70 job scams for every one legitimate work-from-home job.” Stated another way: 98% to 99% of those at-home then might be scams. Compare those […]