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4 Must-read Books that Will Set You Up for Success when Working from Home

Why not get advice from those who’ve dealt with some of the same challenges and came up with creative solutions to turn them into opportunities?

Here are four insightful books we recommend adding to your reading list for 2019 to set yourself up for work-at-home success.


1. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

-By David Allen

There is no denying that productivity can become a concern when working from home. Well, veteran coach and management consultant David Allen believes productivity is proportional to one’s ability to relax.

It makes sense.

When we feel overwhelmed, anxious and confused, our ideas become scattered. It then becomes harder to stay focused on the task at hand and get things done. We do our best, most creative work when our minds are clear and thoughts organized.

This book helps with that end. It serves as an excellent source if you’re looking for self-management tips, which will help you add more structure into your workday schedule to become more productive.

woman in study room reading books to improve her work at home skills


2. The Home Office Handbook

-By Lorie Marrero

Having a solid, clear work structure in place is essential to being productive when working from home. This book covers a lot of ground in terms of putting together an effective routine. It focuses on the power of being organized, whether it applies to your time or your workspace.

Here are a few aspects the author touches upon in this book:

  • Best ways to handle work-related emails, phone calls, deadlines and other tasks to be most efficient with your time.
  • Home-office upkeep—physical techniques, such as how to clean your desk, and digital tactics that will help keep your computer system clean as well.
  • Tested strategies for balancing your home life and career.


3. Remote: Office Not Required

– By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

This book will help you round up your knowledge when it comes to the increasing trend of working from home. The authors do a great job raising awareness of the challenges remote workers face, most of which probably never crossed your mind.

You’ll gain a new perspective on what it actually means to work from home. So, this is an excellent resource to help you decide whether working remotely is right for you or not.

Also included are some actionable tips on how to effectively communicate, exchange ideas and have productive meetings online.

couple working from home


4. There’s No Place Like Working from Home

-By Elaine Quinn

This book will help you wade through some of the everyday struggles of managing a work-life outside of the typical office, such as:

  • Overcoming potential feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Finding true work satisfaction by getting in the right mindset when working from home.
  • Creating healthy work habits that play into your current lifestyle.

Elaine Quinn has more than 10 years of experience as a professional organizing-and- time-management consultant, so her tips are definitely worth considering.


We hope you’ll give these books a chance and that the insights provided in them will make your life a whole lot easier.

And if you’re eager to start applying some of the new tips you’ll discover, check out Working Solutions to find great work-at-home job opportunities.

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