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4 Myths about Working from Home Debunked

Today’s workplace is a global one and working from home has become more and more popular in recent years. Along with this surge in popularity, a series of myths also has formed around the concept of remote work.

We’ve tackled four of the most common misconceptions you might hear about work-at-home jobs—and debunked them. So please, keep reading.


Myth #1 – You Become Unproductive

This is one of the most common misbeliefs. People often have the image of an individual who is slacking at home, doing dozens of random activities—except performing actual work.

Many would often say a boss peeping over the shoulder or the competitivity of other coworkers is mandatory for a remote worker to not slack off.

That’s simply not the case. As a matter of fact, working at home can actually make you more productive.

When workers feel trusted and not under constant surveillance, they can become more responsible to not break that trust.

What’s more, with today’s communication channels, working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of effective collaboration. Therefore, even complex problems, which require a team effort, are no longer an issue.

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Myth #2 – Too Many Distractions at Home

It’s true that when working from home, you may be faced with a new set of challenges.

There may be children who requiring your attention, the dog may be barking, or perhaps, your neighbors feel like they can drop in anytime.

These are all things over which remote workers have control. For example, you can choose to work during the morning when there’s not that much activity inside the house or you can work away in a secluded room.

You have more flexibility to create a work-from-home routine so you can effectively deal with any possible distractions to control your day.


Myth #3 – Working from Home Leads to Unhealthy Habits

Some would argue that working from a home office not only makes you unproductive, but it also has a negative impact on your health.

This is only true if the worker decides to clock hours in bed without ever getting up. This is a very unlikely scenario, though.

In reality, many people who work remotely want to stay motivated and in good shape. And given these workers don’t have to commute, they can use the spare time for exercise.

Also, they have more control over how they organize their work setting.

With an ergonomic chair, a proper desk and good lighting, the job won’t take its toll on you.

woman meditating while she works from home


Myth #4 -Working from Home Isolates You

Because no co-workers are around, it is often perceived that remote work slowly cuts you off from human interaction.

Just know that there are options to effectively deal with any potential loneliness or feelings of isolation. If an assignment doesn’t require confidentiality, some work-from-home jobs can even be done from cafes. This way, workers can get out of the house when they want a change of scenery.

Also, technology has made it easy to overcome any potential communication barriers, which would make remote workers feel cut off.

Many companies hold regular virtual hangouts for workers and offer them the opportunity to say hello or have brief conversations via Skype calls, for instance.


Take Your Career to the Next Level

With these myths debunked, you can see remote jobs are worth giving a shot.

If this sounds tempting, then consider explore our job opportunities.