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4 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job and Start Working from Home

Most people are not comfortable making changes, especially when it comes down to something as drastic as quitting your job.

Despite this, a recent study showed a large percent of office workers would be willing to quit and choose a company that allows working from home.

Reducing commute time, being more productive or increased flexibility are the main reasons why more and more people decide to leave their full-time, office jobs and work from home for other companies.

How do you know it’s time to make this move? Continue reading the article to discover four common signs you may experience.


1. You Are Constantly Stressed out

Being stressed out all the time is not a good sign. It will not only affect your physical health in the long term, but your mental health as well.

Even more so, stress leads to frustrations and it makes you angry over the smallest things. This means you’ll bring all this negative energy home, which can hurt family relationships.

In the past, you may have been able to not let work stress affect you. When it becomes constant and starts consuming you, it’s time to move on.

Working from home can help you avoid stress. You’ll have more flexibility and control over your work hours. You’ll be in a familiar environment and won’t have to deal with unpleasant colleagues.

work at home customer service agent working late hours

2. You Are Working Late

By working late every single day or in most of days, you won’t be able to spend as much time with your family as you’d like.

Staying overtime occasionally can be acceptable, especially when important projects need to be completed and a deadline loom.

When you decide to work from home, you can make your own schedule and choose your hours. The best thing is no one will pressure you to stay late.

For example, most of the jobs available on our site require agents to work at least 20 hours a week. This means staying late will become a thing of the past.

3. You Lack Passion

You know what they say: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

If you’re waking up in the morning feeling overwhelmed, unexcited about going to work dreading the day, then it means the passion is gone.

Not doing what you truly love won’t help you reach your maximum potential. Because of this, you need to make a change as soon as possible.

For example, if you love to travel and all it involves, you can work from home as a customer service travel agent and put your passion to good use.


4. You Don’t Utilize Your Skills

Let’s say you have excellent communications, management or leadership abilities—or you’re well-versed in a foreign language. You, however, don’t get to use these talents at your current job. Then, it’s a sign you should be looking for a new opportunity.

Work-from-home jobs can help you tap into those skills and make the most of those abilities.

For example, if you thrive at multitasking and time management, have experience booking corporate travel or speak different languages, you’ll most likely find the right job on our site.

happy work from home agent

Working from Home Can Be a New Start

When the bad overcomes the good, you know it’s time to move on.

Working from home can help you eliminate stress, establish a more flexible schedule and tap into your amazing skills. Most importantly, you’ll get to spend more time with your family.

Thanks to advanced technology and collaboration tools, being a remote worker today is easier than ever.

Looking for a new start? Work from home.