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8 Benefits of Having Succulents in Your Home Office

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In addition to looking beautiful and bringing attractive natural elements indoors, succulents also have multiple health and productivity benefits. They come in many varieties, so you can choose the plant that is right for you and your environment.

Twi succulents on an office table next to a notebook and laptop

Shutterstock; Photo by svitlini

Here are our top reasons for having succulents in your home office:


1. Low maintenance

Even if you don’t consider yourself to have green fingers, succulents are very easy to look after. They store water, so they don’t need much replenishing. They do best in pots with drainage holes, in which case you should soak the soil and let the water drain out, or water them by filling a holding tray at the bottom. In either case, do not water the plant again unless the soil is dry to the touch. Depending on the plant, this might take one or two weeks.

Maintaining common house plants

Shutterstock; Photo by Microgen

2. Better air quality and circulation

Some succulents produce oxygen 24/7, which is excellent for the air quality in your home office.

According to the American Society for Horticultural Science, indoor plants can remove significant amounts of toxins in the air. In one study, indoor plants removed 80 percent of the air’s toxic gas formaldehyde, which is found in building materials, within twelve hours. And whereas most plants only produce oxygen during photosynthesis, giving off carbon dioxide at night, some succulents produce oxygen 24/7, which is excellent for the air quality in your home office.


3. They adapt to many climates

These plants will thrive in a range of temperatures. Whether you like to work in a cool environment or you keep your place warm, your succulents will be happy. Succulents can handle cliff faces, jungles, and deserts, so your air conditioning won’t be an issue either.

Panoramic photograph of a desert field filled with cacti

Shutterstock; Photo by Johnny Coate

4. Bring an attractive touch of outdoors indoors

Understandably, one of the most popular benefits of having succulents in a home office is their good looks. It’s hard to find a place where succulents look out of place. Whatever the style of your home office – whether you have a fully-equipped office or the corner of a room used for another purpose – your succulents will look right at home and signify that this space is yours. When in season, your succulent will bloom, adding another dimension to their attractiveness.

Multiple terrariums of succulents on a window ledge

Shutterstock; Photo by Africa Studio

5. Thick leaves have a humidifying effect

Air-conditioned office spaces are notorious for exacerbating dry skin conditions, causing dry coughs and colds. A succulent can counteract these issues. They store water in their leaves and return this to the air, helping to balance a room’s humidity levels.

Singular succulent planted in a gray pot against a gray wall

Shutterstock; Photo by tete_escape

6. Plants can reduce stress

Having plants indoors has been found to be relaxing. A study by researchers at Washington State University demonstrated a reduction in physical signs of stress, such as blood pressure and pulse rates, related to the presence of plants. Working at home can be stressful at times, particularly when it represents a change from the normal routine or due to the demands of managing the work-life balance. The presence of a succulent, therefore, can help working from home happen more smoothly.

Woman in straw hat and linen dress holding home plant over stylish interior boho background

Shutterstock; Photo by Svitlana Sokolova

7. Plants can improve concentration

Plants improve productivity by as much as 12 percent, according to a study at Washington State University.

The same study at Washington State University found that plants improved productivity by as much as 12 percent. Improved productivity, motivation, mood, and performance have been the results of a number of studies over the years. You can achieve significant improvements by giving a succulent a place on your desk.


8. Better health through greenery

A study by the Agricultural University of Norway found that the presence of plants correlated with a reduction in complaints related to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). SBS may be caused by poor indoor air quality and psychological stress, among other factors. Introducing one or more succulents is an inexpensive and effective way to help reduce the occurrence of illness in an indoor environment.

Young African American woman in urban garden

Shutterstock; Photo by Joshua Resnick

Those who enjoy plants in their offices will often swear by it. Some people claim to feel the results of having a greener environment immediately. Try having succulents in your home office for a low-maintenance mood-enhancer.

Succulents can have a place in any home office. They tend to grow to the size of their container, so you can control their size to suit you. They will be perfectly at home on a bookshelf or desk, on a window sill, in a corner, or hanging from a ceiling hook. Wherever you have space, you will be able to install a succulent. It won’t ask much (water) in return for all the benefits it provides you and anyone sharing your environment.

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