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Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office? You Don’t Have To.

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COVID-19 sent many people home to work, and it turns out that pandemic aside, a lot of them liked the setup.

Many remote workers would rather continue working from home than going back into the office. Research shows many of them are willing to take a pay cut or find a different job if it means maintaining their work-from-home lifestyles.


WFH By the Numbers

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Research from the Becker Friedman Institute found that working from home is here to stay. Many employers are planning for WFH days. However, they are concerned with ensuring staff maintains culture, motivation and innovation by spending time on site. The study also found that workers are willing to accept pay cuts of up to 8%, on average, to be able to work from home more often.

Global Workplace Analytics stats suggest that more than half of the U.S. workforce has a job compatible with working from home. They believe there will be increased demand for WFH jobs post-COVID crisis, as workers have firsthand knowledge of the benefits of remote work. The biggest holdback of remote work, they say, is trust. Managers and executives need to learn to trust that work will get done, even if it is done at home.


Why Continue Working From Home?

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Experts believe the shift back to the office will come with a wave of resignations. Associate Professor of management in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, Anthony Klotz, says there are a couple of reasons why workers would be motivated to quit.

He points first to individuals who would have quit their jobs but stayed put during pandemic uncertainty. Additionally, many workers are finding out that their current jobs are not good fits after re-evaluating what they want to do. Ultimately, as he puts it, “the big one” is: workers enjoy working from home and all the freedom and flexibility it offers.

Many individuals who enjoy working from home appreciate a better work-life balance, with greater flexibility.

There are many benefits to working from home. Workers might have the opportunity to set their own schedules. Having this flexibility allows them to be present for other day-to-day activities likes getting kids ready for school or being around for a delivery. Work-life balance is also enhanced by removing the commute in both directions. Remote workers don’t have to worry about long trips to and from the office or traffic.

Another significant benefit of working from home is that the job can be done from any location. Remote workers can work for companies outside of their home geographic locations or take their work on vacation. They can purchase homes in less expensive areas and do more with the money they make.

Working from home also has a positive impact on the environment. Not commuting means not adding to gas emissions, and not having to be in an office means less consumption of paper, air-conditioning, heating, and lighting.

At-home workers also enjoy mental health benefits, which translates to higher-quality work.

Performance improves with a quiet, controlled, and comfortable home environment. There are fewer distractions and office-related stresses. Altogether, this adds up to happier, healthier workers, who do better work for the companies they work for.

Of course, some jobs simply don’t translate to remote work. And there will always be companies that could offer WFH, but won’t. Then, factor in workers who enjoyed remote work during the pandemic and might not want to return to the office, if even some of those workdays happen on site.

Good news: If you don’t want to go back to the office, you don’t have to. There are opportunities for work-from-home jobs that are flexible, interesting and exciting.


How to Find a Work-From-Home Job

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Ready to make the transition to working from home, with no on-site office necessary? We are here to help you land your dream job, offering the ultimate in work-and-life flexibility. Working Solutions puts your future in focus, enabling you to work remotely as an independent contractor.

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Our contact center agents come from practically every walk of life, attracted to our company thanks to its caring culture and self-directed job journey.

Becoming an agent is as simple as filling out a form, taking assessments, and, if successful, applying to current opportunities. A simple scanning program ensures that your workstation meets our technical requirements and you’re set.

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