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How Time Tracking Optimizes Work-from-home Productivity

When you work from home, one of the biggest benefits is that time becomes less of a constraint. You no longer have to make the daily commute to work, which saves hours on the road.

With so much free time on your hands, however, distractions may appear or Whether your job has a fixed working schedule or not, it’s important to maintain focus throughout the entire workday. Otherwise, complacency may set in and you end up being unproductive.

There’s no need to worry. This article has just the solution you need—time tracking. It is not only a time management technique, but also a mindset you can apply to work.


Why Use Time Tracking, Anyway?

Sometimes, it is really difficult to keep yourself invested in the job you’re doing. Distractions and procrastination can affect your overall productivity. Not to mention the quality of your work also takes a dive.

This is especially true when you work from home. In an environment where you’re supposed to work on your own volition, it is easier for interruptions to occur.

Tracking time enables you to see how much of it you’re spending to get a certain task done.

This also motivates you to maintain focus. It gives you a sense of urgency, prompting you to not waste time.



How to Track Your Time

There is no specific way to do it. What’s important is you get some quantifiable data out of it.

For example, you can use your phone’s stopwatch function to measure the time spent on each task. And then you can write down the time taken.

While the stopwatch is a solution, it isn’t ideal. There are numerous apps that automate the time-tracking process, without having you record any information. And it also helps they let you categorize this data.

Many of these software programs also have a neat feature called Idle Detection. This feature detects if you are away from the keyboard. Once it establishes that you’re not at the computer, the app measures the time away in a separate category.

All this data are metrics you can analyze. Eventually, they show you that you have spent your time efficiently, rather than waste it.


A Healthy Mindset

One of the most important aspects of time tracking is that it helps you develop a routine. While this may sound daunting, having one is a must to stay organized.

If you put certain aspects of your life on autopilot, it will benefit your productivity and overall well-being.

For example, waking up early is beneficial for your health, enabling you to concentrate throughout the day. So, by better managing your sleep time, you will inherently be more productive.

Another benefit of entering the time-tracking mindset is that it gives you a sense of punctuality and an impetus to get things done. This is a good habit to have, whether you work from home or not.

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