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How to Transform a Small Area into Your Work-from-home Space

When working from home, you simply can’t rely on the fact you’ll complete your tasks by sitting on the couch or the bed. This will kill your productivity and you will end up doing anything else but work.

One of the secrets to being productive when you work from home is having a dedicated workspace.

Even if you don’t have a large area to work with, such as a separate room, you can still make do.

Here are some handy tips you can use to set up your work area.


1. Identify an Unused Area of Your Home

Look around your home and figure out a space not being used, which you can transform into a home office.

Whether it’s a corner in your bedroom, the living room or attic, it’s important to visualize the exact place where you’ll set up your desk.

home office for work at home


2. Set up a Small Desk

When choosing the desk for the office, you have several options:

  • Buying a small desk. It should be as small as possible because you won’t be placing too many things on it other than the computer, work materials and your phone.
  • Use the vanity as a desk. Make sure you remove the clutter, so you can transform it into a workspace and eliminate any distractions.
  • Mount a desk on the wall. A wall-mounted desk fixed at tabletop height is a great alternative to buying a desk. You can even choose one that folds up so when not working for more space in the room.


3. Create Boundaries

You need to establish boundaries when you don’t have a separate room for a work-from-home office. This way, your spouse or children will know not to interrupt you.

If your desk is in the bedroom, then you can close the door while working and let everyone in the house know you can’t be disturbed. If you set up the desk in an open space, such as the living room, then you can put the headphones on and use this as a sign.


4. Get Rid of Distractions

When you work from home, you need to transform your space into a work-friendly one, which is the exact opposite of what your home feels like.

But because you’ll be using only a small area, this is doable.

clean desk office for work at home jobs

Even if you might be tempted, don’t clutter the desk with unnecessary objects. Keep only the things you need during work hours.

You also should sit at the desk to see if there are any objects that might distract you from work. If so, remove them from sight.


Setting up Your Work-from-home Office Is Easy even in a Small Space

You don’t need a large space for your working area. Most jobs you can do from home require mainly a laptop and a solid Internet connection.
Because most jobs you can do from home require mainly a laptop and a solid Internet connection, you don’t need a large space for your working area.

By working smart and small, you can create a productive home office.

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