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Increasing Work Efficiency in Your Job

In any job, one of the top goals for a worker is to perform well. How one handles his or her workday is entirely up to the individual but having the foundation of good habits is essential.

A strong work ethic is an important part of a successful career, and the earlier you’re able to form these ideas, the easier it’ll be to keep them up. We’re providing some tips on how to increase work efficiency for a sustainable, healthy work career.


Being Well-organized


work at home office with an organized storage unit


The first step to boosting your workflow is to get organized. If you can’t find something immediately, this will throw you off your task because you have to stop to try and find it.

According to a study from the University of California Irvine, it takes an average of 23 minutes to get back to a task after being distracted. If you get sidetracked every few hours trying to locate an important document or item, you could end up wasting an hour or more of your workday.

Investing in small storage containers that you can keep files and papers consolidated a drawer, or under your desk, will enable finding what you need at your fingertips. Use a wire basket or desktop organizer to stash pens, Post-it®, and anything else you need readily available for tasks.


Ensuring Physical Wellness



One aspect that is often overlooked for a healthy work life is maintaining your physical well-being. While the last thing most people want to do after a long day is work out, it’s important for your body and mind.

Both cardio and strength training can brighten your mood and sharpen performance. Research even suggests that working out 30 minutes three to five days a week can help alleviate stress levels and improve how you feel overall.

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym though, as even just a walk around your neighborhood will benefit your brain with increased blood flow throughout your body. Grab a friend to go with you, or a pet, as this can make the time more fruitful when you’re exercising with someone else.

Being active is shown to help people sleep and being more refreshed when waking up will help your workflow because you won’t be hindered by feeling exhausted.


Prioritizing Goals and Tasks



Without the proper planning of what you’re working toward, it can be easy to start feeling unmotivated. If a goal isn’t clearly outlined from your boss, you may not know what direction to take, or how to accomplish it with the best effort.

Whether you’re an employee or lead on a team, define the overarching goal, while pinpointing tasks and projects that need to be prioritized. The more direction taken in figuring out the assignment at hand, the more likely it’ll get done quicker and with less hassle.

Break down a big project into smaller parts. That way, it’s easier to digest and figure out what is easily achievable and most important. Once you have everything laid out, collaborate and figure out ways to tackle it with ease.


Practicing Self-discipline



Self-discipline is an important workday skill. It helps hold yourself accountable, whatever you do. Making decisions and following through with them is what will push you to success and can be applied to anything.

It can be easy to procrastinate and push things off until the last minute but fostering a habit of discipline in your work will bring success. If you plan your workday and establish a routine, you’ll be more likely to stay on target and get things done.

In a study from Psychological Science, researchers found that students who had a strong sense of self-discipline significantly outperformed their peers who had a lesser sense of this skill with test scores and attendance. Pushing yourself and abiding by a workflow will help you be the most productive will be beneficial for your career.

With these insights, you may start to feel more accomplished in your work. Making sure your duties are completed to the best of your ability, and in a timely manner, will show drive and initiative. Using these positive work habits will only be helpful in your job and make life a little easier.

Success takes organization and planning. Apply those skills with us.