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What Do I Need to Set up a Home Office?

All remote jobs require efficient workspace for optimal performance. As such, your at-home office should be dedicated to the job, set up for specific needs.

While each job will have its own equipment requirements, all remote work requires several essential items.
Here’s what you need to set up a home office:


Comfortable Workspace

Whether you have a whole room as your home office or simply a corner, it’s important to be well-equipped. That means choosing a desk or using a surface that’s big enough for your requirements. Even more important is an ergonomic, adjustable chair.

If you’re uncomfortable, this can affect your concentration, your productivity, and your health.


Up-to-date Computer

work from home desktop jobs working from home


Most work-from-home jobs use software that your operating system must support. If your computer is old, it may be incompatible, or it may not have enough processing power.

Having a modern machine, with an updated operating system, is essential for any home-worker to remain flexible and meet the demands of clients.


High-speed Internet Access

What did we do before the internet? Whatever we did, you can guarantee it was a lot slower than how we do things now. Without high-speed internet, you won’t be able to carry out simple tasks, such as send an image via email or visit most websites.

To remain competitive, you need to be able to connect to high-speed internet. This is a must for your remote-work setup.

For security reasons, it’s sometimes necessary to connect to the internet via ethernet rather than using a wireless connection. Be sure your office can accommodate this requirement.


Telephone or VoIP

VoIP headset home set up


Access to a telephone or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is an essential component for most home-based jobs. Some jobs require a landline, so a cell phone isn’t always enough. If you plan to use the phone a lot during your work, a professional headset will be extremely beneficial.



While modern offices are using less and less paper, it’s still often necessary to use a printer or scanner for work. Printers combined with scanners are available inexpensively. They can provide you with quality prints and reproductions suitable for most professional situations.


Appropriate Storage


Don’t underestimate how quickly files, paperwork and home-office paraphernalia can build up. If it gets out of control, your workstation will become messy and inefficient.

The solution is to have adequate storage for the type of home job you plan to do. If you’re going to be handling sensitive data, for example, the storage must be secured.

Carving out your working space is crucial if you want to make the best of your working from home lifestyle. Having a great, home-office setup can give you an edge, making you more productive than other remote workers and those in traditional offices.

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