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Thankful for – a Second Family

Our fourth and final post in the agent series is from Becky Absher, seasoned contract agent of 12 years who has run the gamut in remote agent and resource agent rolls. This is what Becky shared:

Thankful for – Control Over My Schedule 

I started with Working Solutions after trying another work-at-home contract and have never regretted a moment. I learned the craft and worked on different programs throughout the years, giving me a great variety of experience, particularly when it comes to how to best work with customers. Plus, I need control over my schedule. My husband is retired and we have five children living about four hours away. It’s nice to have a schedule I can design to fit the needs of my husband’s retirement and traveling to visit our children.

The upside is that I can supplement our fixed income and still be flexible. My children have an office space for me to use if needed, so I can work while visiting, giving me the ability to keep income coming in while also spending time with my children.

Thankful for – Independence 

When my daughter was young I worked as a teacher’s aide. As she grew up, I decided more was needed so I went to work for an aerospace company where I was promoted to systems coordinator. However, as a small town kid, I found the corporate environment was not for me. I loved the work, but the office politics made no sense to me. I wanted to continue to contribute, but doing something more creative, so I started woodworking and selling my pieces to local gift shops, including Hallmark.

Obviously being independent is important to me. I wanted to make my own money, but still be there for my daughter and stepsons for their activities. So when the opportunity came to work from home, I took it. Now I have control over the hours I work, can travel when I want and be there for my husband and kids while still making a living. I just love the flexibility!

Thankful for – a Second Family

My family is so important so finding the contract with Working Solutions really helped me to be there. However, I also found something more – the people. Frankly, if there had not been a good group of people, I would have moved on a long time ago. I’m at the age where the level of life satisfaction is very important to me. I’m into reducing unnecessary grief in my life. The people at Working Solutions are so amazing and they help me fulfill that goal.

Customer service is tough work. The teams at Working Solutions are constantly positive and are always there. They have such a powerful, strong support group and are like family. Even agents I worked with five programs ago are still friends and stay in contact.

I am so thankful for finding Working Solutions. The contract came at the perfect time for me and has worked perfectly for me and my family. I am grateful for the people I work with because they like family.

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”



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