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Working from Home Might Be the Future of the Job Market

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine an office job without a computer. To think that only a few decades ago, people did their jobs without it.

A similar change is underway now. Much like how computers revolutionized the way we work, technology and the internet transform where we work.

In the coming years, working from home might not be the exception. It could become commonplace.

With mobile technology and with so many means to facilitate communications, being in an office doesn’t seem necessary.

In the following article, we will look at a few reasons why remote jobs are going to be the norm.


Offices Cost a Lot

The increasing price of rent is becoming a deal-breaker. The average company pays, yearly per employee, tens of thousands of dollars in rent.

Companies seeking to get an office space in trendy or accessible areas look to pay somewhere around:

When faced with this high-cost reality, many companies that cannot afford to pay are forced to relocate.

This alienates many workers, however, putting them in the uncomfortable situation of having to commute long distances to reach their offices.

As a result, working from home becomes an alluring solution for companies and their workers.

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Everything Is Omni-where

Perceptions about office work have been changing since the early 2000s. At that time, technology to support remote jobs was not quite yet there.

Today, technology rules. For many people, all their work is on the internet.

This makes commuting to work unnecessary. Workers can simply do their jobs on a laptop, tablet or iPhone from pretty much anywhere.

It is true offices are great places for team cohesion. Yet, employees still rely on software to communicate. It is simply more convenient for them to reach each other through chat, text or email.

Besides, when people come to work, much of their entire activity revolves around sitting in a cubicle. Generally, in the workplace, face-to-face interaction is minimal compared to how much of it takes place online.


An Era of Independence

These days, independence and flexibility are demanded by employees and contractors alike. The idea of finding a balance between the personal and professional sides of life is on the mind of any worker.

It has become especially prominent among millennials. And now that they represent the largest demographic in the workplace, it is not surprising that this is starting to become the norm.

By being remote, workers have the opportunity to stay home and be close to their loved ones.

This is especially advantageous for those with families. For example, by working from home, mothers and fathers can be closer to their children, or in some cases, aging parents.

The Future Is Now, Start Working from Home