Welcome to Working Solutions. We offer independent contractor, work-at-home opportunities for folks located in either the United States, Canada or Jamaica.

We do not accept applicants located outside of the United States, Canada or Jamaica.

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Future in Focus

Work from home as an independent contractor

At Working Solutions, we understand the importance of having a healthy work/ life
balance. We provide ongoing education, community support, and valuable resources
to encourage agent success and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Caring Culture

Emotional-intelligence and mutual respect for all are the foundation for our 150,000+ agent community known as the WooHoo Crew!

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Work at home

Work/life balance on your terms while never leaving home. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from home as an independent contractor.

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Be your own boss

Side hustle or work a full work-week. As an independent contractor, you set your own hours and decide when you work and for how long.

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How Much You Could Get Paid

Each program is paid differently. Some pay by the record or entry, while others pay by the talk minute, sales or a combination of both. Some agents may be paid a set amount per program.

Based on $15.00/hr
$... per day
Hours worked per day
$... per week
Days worked per week

These are estimates based on our average agent pay of $15 an hour. Agents can make more or less depending on the program and incentives. Financial incentives are available on various programs that increase the base hourly rate.

WooHoo! Crew Spotlight

Our agents are as diverse as the different client programs they support. Their skills span industries, with years of experience in sales, customer service and tech support. Read their storiesβ€”and imagine yours being one of them.

Headshot of Cheryl H.

From Ghost Hunting to Customer Satisfaction: The Unfolding Journey of a Working Solutions PRO

Meet Cheryl, a successful agent at Working Solutions, as we explore her journey through balancing life […]

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Headshot of Ellen G

PRO Spotlight: Meet Ellen G.

If you seek work-life balance inspiration, look no further than Ellen, a veteran Working Solutions agent […]

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Photograph of Autumn

Finding the Perfect Work-Life Balance to Explore the Outdoors

Working from home has its challenges, but most people who work from home would not have it any other way. At Working Solutions, we provide independent contractors with the training they need to succeed in a remote call center environment and one of those contractors is Autumn Bridgers.

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Photograph of Delsie

Delsie Never Thought Her Job Would Enable Her To Be A “Lifesaver”

A 16-year Working Solutions veteran, Delsie has been acting as a resource agent on an account that provides support to the families of seniors. While she usually only deals with calls from agents, Delsie interfaces with customers if there is an emergency.

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