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FlexJobs Names the Best Businesses for Remote Work in 2018

For the third year in a row, Working Solutions (WSOL) ranks among the Top 10 for FlexJobs Top 100 Companies this year.

Taking the #10 spot, the ranking reaffirms WSOL’s position among organizations offering legitimate, work-from-home opportunities. This distinction is well worth knowing for job applicants to discern real jobs from online scams.

FlexJobs, a leader in remote-work opportunities, rigorously reviews jobs before a company can earn a place among the Top 100.

Advising job seekers, FlexJobs writes: “If you’re hoping to find a remote job this year, it’s a good bet that these will be some of the top companies….”

In business for more than 20 years, Working Solutions offers on-demand agents customer care, sales and tech-support opportunities across North America.

Making the list for the fourth year, Working Solutions adds to its recognition as a leader in the remote workforce movement, pioneered by company founder and chief executive Kim Houlne.

As FlexJobs reports:

“In previous years, remote work has often been described as a trend or a perk, but by reviewing this data annually for five years, we’ve seen remote work’s reputation shift from a trend to an acceptable mode of working.”



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