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CEO Kim Houlne and Businesswomen Offer Job Applicants Guidance

Jobseekers: Like some sound advice from savvy North Texas businesswomen?

You’ll find it in a recent WFAA Originals broadcast, “Looking for the perfect job in the new year? Here’s how you can do that.”

Partnering with the Dallas Business Journal, a story by WFAA reporter Jason Wheeler asks leaders about the do’s and don’ts in finding the right position.

For an interview, Working Solutions chief executive Kim Houlne said: “I’m looking at it from every little aspect… Do they show up early? Are they there when I show up? How kind are they to other people?”

Her counsel is featured with advice offered by other leaders:

  • Be candid—don’t fudge the facts. Nicole Weeldreyer, managing director at Goldman Sachs, says: “It’s a nonstarter if you can’t be honest.”
  • Do your homework—know the company. Lauren Leahy, chief legal officer for Pizza Hut, U.S., recommends: “Don’t come to an interview unprepared. That’s never wise.”
  • Have questions to ask—at least two. If an applicant doesn’t, Mitzi Chollampel, senior manager at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, believes: “It just shows a lack of interest.”

Most of all, present an accurate picture of who you are—on paper, online and in person—and what you can do.

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