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Work-at-home Gig Insider — April 2020

Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand contact center solutions, offering opportunities for independent contractors to partner with us on a variety of work-at-home jobs. In this month’s newsletter, Work-at-home Gig Insider, we feature articles and relevant information about succeeding as a work-from-home, independent contractor.

couple looking at financial responsibility when working from home

Handling Your Finances as an Independent Contractor or Small Business Owner

Whether you’re just getting started or you need to fine-tune your financial planning, here are a few strategies on handling your finances as an independent contractor.

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woman working from home looking at computer for scheduling productivity

7 Strategies for Better Time Management

Working at home has many advantages. It also comes with challenges. A common problem is effective time management. Check out these seven strategies to be more productive.

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woman looking at computer to learn how to be more productive in the morning

Tips for an Energized, Productive Morning

It can be hard feeling lively in the morning hours. If you are out of sorts and listless in the a.m., these tips will help you charge up and move ahead.

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retired person looking at the best jobs for work at home

Work-from-home Tips for Tackling Customer Service

Whatever the reason for working after retirement, there are plenty of ways to continue making money. Here are a few of our favorites.

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