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How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Workday

2-minute read

2. Eliminate Distractions

Our devices are invaluable for work, particularly when working at home. They help us connect with colleagues and communicate with clients. It’s important to remember that they are tools, though.

It’s easy to get into the habit of reacting to notifications instead of responding. Reacting is Pavlovian. Responding is a choice.

To become someone who responds thoughtfully rather than someone who reacts automatically, silence email and SMS notifications. Not only do they break concentration, but their promise of dopamine from getting small tasks done can move you away from your primary goals.

Jumping for low-hanging fruit can feel good, but it’s more efficient to shake the tree now and then. As far as possible, schedule when you will check messages. This will help you focus.


3. Be Intentional About Your Space

While practicing mindfulness, try to notice how you feel and the feel of your environment. Think about why your space feels this way. When you take notice of your surroundings, you may decide to make your workspace more aesthetically pleasing.

Bringing in outdoor elements, such as plants and small trees, can help you stay in touch with nature, which is an excellent way to stay grounded during the workday. An inspirational poster or photograph can keep you centered.

Keep your surfaces clear because an untidy desk is an assault on the mind, even if you think you are used to it. Try to limit your desk space to inspirational materials and items you need to perform your work.

Sound can also be a powerful part of your workspace. Outdoor noise may be distracting, as can the radio or high-octane music. While practicing mindfulness, you may opt for noise-canceling headphones and experiment with gentle music, white noise, or nature sounds to help you concentrate.

Mindfulness is a powerful combination of focus and awareness. It’s a practice that keeps on giving. Try these tips for a week or two, and we think you’ll feel the difference. Let us know how you get on, during a scheduled email session, of course.