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How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Workday

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Mindfulness practice has two major benefits. It will improve your focus and raise your awareness. These can lead to deep, far-reaching rewards in every area of your life.

Especially for those who work at home, you have an exciting opportunity to practice mindfulness during your workday. Here are our best tips to get you started.

1. Schedule Regular Pauses

Being mindful all day is a journey. To make sure that you are consistently moving in the right direction, check in with yourself regularly. Do so before work, during your workday, and then again when the day is over. If you can take a few minutes every hour or even more frequently, so much the better.

Your breaks don’t need to be long. You only need the time to close your eyes and breathe. Focus on your breathing for 10 inhalations and exhalations.

Morning Mindfulness

Before your morning mindfulness pause, it may be a good idea to consider your day and all you want to achieve. If you’re like most people, you will have a list that is bigger than your day. Try to get rid of something. It’s often better to do fewer things well than complete more tasks badly.

Taking a few minutes to meditate before you start work is an excellent way to get ready for work. The moment can provide a transition period from your home life that is especially useful when working at home.

Pause During the Day

During the day, put down your phone, sit back from your keyboard and breathe. If you’re feeling stressed, don’t wait for a scheduled break. Give yourself a bonus pause. It only needs to last a few seconds. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Listen to the sounds around you. Feel your body.

Lunch breaks present a fantastic opportunity for mindfulness. Resist the temptation to eat a quick snack at your desk. Instead, take the time to taste and chew your food. Consider its smell, texture, and taste. When you return to work, you may find that you are more focused. Being relaxed tends to help people perform.

End-of-day Mindfulness

After work, reflect on your workday. Don’t be overly critical, but consider what you achieved, what you could have done differently, and what you will do tomorrow. Where were you on autopilot, and what was the difference between autopilot and mindfulness.

After thinking about your day for a few minutes, let it go and breathe. This will help you transition away from your work life back to your home life.