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Before the Coronavirus: Projected Remote Work Trends

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Editor’s note: The 2019 Buffer remote-work survey was done before the COVID-19 pandemic. Reading the trends now, against the backdrop of the coronavirus, you can’t help but wonder how remote work will change in the future. What trends will remain? And what new ones will emerge?


Almost all respondents in the Buffer survey stated they would like remote work to play a part in their careers. Before COVID-19, the world looked different, of course.

Keep that mind in reading these projected trends:

    1. Cafes will become more remote-worker-oriented – Most remote workers (84 percent) prefer to work at home compared to a coffee shop (4 percent) or co-working space (8 percent). Still, coffee shops are the most common secondary location for remote workers (37 percent). The use of coffee shops by remote workers may rise as coffee shops become more remote-work-friendly.


woman working from cafe and being productive while drinking coffee

Author: Jacob Lund.


    1. Expect better internet connectivity – More appropriate chairs and tables, and quieter, private areas will make up remote workplaces. We also can expect coffee shop businesses to add conditions that encourage remote workers to make purchases. These might include Wi-Fi that logs users off intermittently until they have bought something. Or laptop-free hours to discourage remote workers and encourage patrons who are more likely to consume their products.


man working remotely using fast internet from cafe using laptop and drinking coffee

Author: VGstockstudio.


    1. More demand for digital skills – As remote working becomes more common, employers will expect employees and freelancers to have the required skills. An understanding of voice over internet protocol (VoIP), file sharing, and collaboration tools will be increasingly sought-after.


woman working remotely using digital skills using computer and computer software while working from home



    1. More competition from younger generations – According to the 2020 workplace theory, more than a third of the workforce will consist of those born after the baby- boomer generation. Older remote workers will face competition from young, savvy workers keen to take advantage of the flexibility of work-from-home roles.


young couple working on coding software looking at computer screen while working from home

Author: Pressmaster.


    1. Better software – While digital skills will be more in demand, the tools that make remote working happen will get more intuitive and powerful. Remote workers are well-advised to stay abreast of changes in technology to make the most of their virtual work experience and remain competitive.


man holding tablet to keep up with technology while working from home and remotely

Author: Pressmaster.


    1. More need for cybersecurity – With more files being transferred from home to workplaces in 2020, cybersecurity will increase to protect businesses, workers and clients. This will affect all industries, particularly those dealing with sensitive or confidential information.


woman working from home using best practices for cyber security



    1. Businesses will hire more remote workers – Data shows that remote work saves companies money and improves productivity. With a combination like this, businesses will undoubtedly be looking for relationships with these kinds of workers.


group of remote workers chatting while working from home

Author: fizkes.


  1. Small towns and rural areas will be more popular – If individuals don’t need to commute so often, if at all, they will no longer need to live near their workplaces. This trend will increase the popularity of rural areas and small towns as workers avoid living in more expensive cities.

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