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What to Expect When Doing a Remote, Data-entry Job

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You might hear remote, data-entry work referred to as data processing, typing, word processing, or transcribing. And it’s sure to involve inputting high amounts of alphabetical and numeric data.

Whatever the role, you will need good typing, reading, and writing skills, as well as, excellent attention to detail, especially when verifying information. And since the pay for data entry is often tied to fast and accurate input, speed without errors may impact your earnings.

People proficient in data-entry are in demand. More than ever, companies are looking for people to perform data-entry while working from home. (If you’re currently looking for similar remote work, check out our openings here.)

While data-entry work varies, typical responsibilities include:

  • Inputting customer details, such as contact information and preferences
  • Typing manuscripts
  • Transcribing documents
  • Entering research results into a database
  • Updating records


person typing data for data entry contracting job


To work in a data-entry role, you should have these skills:

  • Typing skills – Proficient typing is a must. It’s best to know your way away around the keyboard. Plus, speed + accuracy = more income.
  • Computer skills – Along with mastering the keyboard, you need to feel at ease with various software applications. Required software might include several database applications and spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Literacy and number sense skills – Any data-entry job will require you to accurately record data, so understanding the subject matter is essential.
  • Administrative and organizational skills – Because your work is measured down to the minute, when working remotely, it’s best to be well organized.
  • Excellent communication skills – As a remote worker, it’s essential to listen effectively to instructions. Communicating well with clients and/or customers will make you a more valuable worker or employee.
  • Ensure confidentiality – Often, data-entry roles involve entering confidential, or otherwise, sensitive data. You may be required to sign confidentiality agreements. You should always act professionally and ensure that data is safe. This means fulfilling technical requirements, such as having up-to-date virus and firewall software installed and using ethernet to connect to the internet, instead of using Wi-Fi.

Data-entry work is popular with those who want flexibility and the ability to work remotely.

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