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Women-owned Businesses Leading Remote Workforce Movement

FlexJobs, an expert in remote work, reaffirms what many businesswomen already know: We are pacesetters in the virtual workforce movement—and have been for many years.

This month, FlexJobs posted this piece,“15 Top Companies for Remote Jobs Run by Women.” The story is based on its own findings earlier this year about the 2019 Top 100 Companies with Remote Work, with Working Solutions ranking #5. Our company has made the Top 10 on that list for the last four years.

In the latest piece, FlexJobs senior career specialist Brie Weiler Reynolds writes: “Interestingly, three of the five top companies for remote jobs in 2019 were either founded or cofounded by women, demonstrating the positive intersection between remote work and women in leadership positions.”

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Of the 15 companies named, Working Solutions joins other women-led businesses such as Appen, Williams-Sonoma and A Place for Mom, a client of ours.

At Working Solutions, more than 70% of our independent contractors, or agents, are women. Many of our executive team are women, too.

As a gender, we certainly don’t have a lock on remote work. Men excel at it as well.

We do, however, show an affinity to this kind of livelihood, which enables us to balance our roles as self-sufficient professionals, parents and, more often than not, primary caregivers.

The flexibility of remote work opens up opportunities that in-office jobs never could offer. Beyond that, on-demand work seems to attract more disciplined, dedicated persons who thrive on being part of a liberated workforce.

Hats off to FlexJobs for recognizing the strength of women senior executives in the gig economy. Our leadership should shine as example for more traditional companies, which lag behind us, to emulate.


19% vs. 5% or Less

“At majority remote companies, 19% of CEOs are women, compared to only 5% of Fortune 500 companies and 4.8% of S&P 500 companies. Furthermore, 28% of completely remote companies have women CEOs, founders, or presidents.” FlexJobs

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