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Why WFH Is a Perfect Fit for Many Military Families

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As we celebrate Veterans Day and recognize the work and sacrifices of our military families, the COVID- 19 pandemic continues to impact all Americans. During these difficult times, working from home has become an even more important opportunity for many U.S. service families.

As remote customer service representatives, hundreds of such virtual agents make up our on-demand workforce of independent contractors across the country. Their stories illustrate how remote work suits military lifestyles and provides benefits not available from any other type of work. These are stories about the Paino and Lapsley families.


Opportunities to Work Anywhere

Another success involves a military family that has appreciated working from home while being deployed to a number of locations around the country. First Class Petty Officer James Paino has served the Navy for 20 years.

He and his wife, Nikki, and their three children have been stationed in Pensacola, Florida, Whidbey Island, Washington state, Washington, D.C., and San Diego, California. Today, they live in Millington, Tennessee, just outside of Memphis. Who knows where they’ll be next?

Working from home provides Nikki the opportunity to work from anywhere. Having a flexible schedule allows her to be active in her children’s activities and interests. She represents a senior- living placement service and enjoys helping families facing important personal decisions.

'I love serving families. I needed their help myself not long ago for finding a place for my own grandmother.'


Balancing Military Service and Home

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Here’s another story of an opportunity for an acting soldier’s wife. Tanisha Lapsley keeps the home fires burning while her husband, Jamiles serves as a sergeant in the Army National Guard. In 18 years, he has done four tours of Afghanistan and Iraq. This October, he has another tour coming up.

Working from home helps Tanisha manage her children’s lives and activities, plan her day, handle appointments, events and even travel. She lives in Leonville, a small town outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From there, Tanisha works with a senior-living counseling firm, which enables her to help others and bring comfort and solutions to difficult situations.

She recalls one touching customer engagement: “I remember speaking with a caller who was looking for a senior living facility for their mom. At first, the call seemed to go as usual as they explained the situation. Then suddenly, everything went silent. At first, I thought they had hung up, so I called their name. Then I heard a soft whimper. My heart reached out to them because it seemed their mom’s circumstances had hit them all at once. I was grateful I had had extra training in empathy and resources that helped me provide them some relief.”

All in all, Tanisha said: “What I love most about working from home is the flexibility and support from management and the whole team. I thank them for allowing me to become what I always wanted to be, my own boss.”

Working from home as a remote customer service agent provides income and opportunities to help others for many retired and acting military individuals and families. And in doing so, they serve not only their country, but citizens as well. That‘s a call of duty times two.


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