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Working Solutions Earns Top Spot in FlexJobs’ 2024 Top 100 Remote Work Companies to Watch

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We’re delighted to share with you the exciting news that Working Solutions, a leader in delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX), has clinched the premier spot on FlexJobs’ Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2024. This achievement is a testament to our enduring commitment to nurturing virtual roles and creating opportunities for customer service professionals everywhere.

According to FlexJobs, “Despite the cooling job market, shifting workforce views, layoffs, and return-to-office mandates, remote employment remains a favored option among professionals for their ideal work arrangement.” The flexibility of remote work allows individuals to harmoniously blend their career aspirations with their personal lives, making it an attractive option in today’s fast-paced world.


Embracing Virtual Work from the Get-Go

Our chief executive, Kim Houlne, has always been a staunch advocate for virtual work. “The pandemic certainly increased demand for remote workers, but for us, this is simply business as usual. We’ve been thriving in the virtual space for almost 30 years,” she said.

Unlike many companies struggling with worker shortages, Working Solutions boasts a robust network of more than  150,000 agents. “We refresh our network every day. We’ve got the formula down. We give the best to get the best,” Houlne added.

Built around a flexible workforce model, our company culture draws in experienced service and sales professionals who operate as independent business owners. This flexibility not only promotes diversity but also fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among our team members.


Commitment to Service Excellence

“Our attrition rate is significantly below the industry average for contact centers,” Houlne proudly shared. As a woman-owned company, we place a high value on investing in our agents, from recruitment and training to daily operations. This investment is driven by our commitment to workforce stability and ensures we can deliver sustained service excellence to our clients and their customers.

Last year, we were thrilled to rank #2 on the FlexJobs Top 100. This year, we’re excited to have secured the top spot! This recognition marks our 10th consecutive appearance on this prestigious list since 2015—a clear indicator of our success in providing responsive service and sales backed by measurable CX solutions.


Be Part of Our Success Story

For its 2024 list, FlexJobs analyzed more than 60,000 companies and their virtual job postings throughout the previous year. A remote job, as defined by FlexJobs, is a professional position that allows an individual to work from home.

As a leader in the remote work industry, Working Solutions offers a multitude of opportunities across various industries. Whether you’re passionate about consumer services and retail, healthcare, or travel and hospitality, there’s a place for you at Working Solutions.

Are you ready to seize the opportunity to work with the #1 remote company? Apply today to become a work-from-home PRO with Working Solutions. Discover the flexibility of remote work while making a positive impact on customers across the country.

Join us in shaping the future of remote work, promoting flexibility, diversity, and work/life balance. We look forward to welcoming you to the WooHoo! Crew.

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