13 Mar 2012

We never set out to do these wonderful things. We never imagined that we would be affecting so many people’s lives: agents’ lives, clients’ lives and customers’ lives.

It really was set out because there was a need. So we had to take the philosophies and the practices of marketing and management, which you do in a very large corporation, and place that into a call center environment. Nobody had done that before. We spent a lot of time taking that premise, finding the best of the best and working with the agents in a flexible environment.

We continue to hire the best of the best. We continue to stay one step ahead of what we think is going to happen in the industry. And we continue to focus on the high-touch, empathetic agent who can actually communicate at a different level than a lot of agents that are addressing customers in today’s economy.

I think the industry has actually changed for the better. When we started this, nobody was working from home. It was an anomaly. Why would you ever want to let anybody work from home? How could you possibly manage those people working from home? Now, to our benefit, we’re seeing lots of other folks out there embracing and challenging what we’ve been doing all along.

Everybody runs their company differently. And we respect that. Our agent base is not a unified group that is going to respond and react the same way every time. I think that’s what is fantastic about our offering is that we’ve got agents who can think on their feet, and who can respond and react in whatever the situation happens to be.

The agents are what make us a success.

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”



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  1. whu says:

    This is one of the best, if not the best company that hires Independent Contractors, or “At Home Professionals.” Very reputable company, I know people, including myself, that have been with Working Solutions for several years.

  2. Michelle Beatty says:

    I have worked for many of the WAH companies and wanted to post my opinion of this company.
    Training is all here for you. Real people are here for you every step of the way.
    You have phone numbers in case you really need to talk to someone. (that is something most other WAH don’t offer!!) And best of all the people here LIKE what they are doing and are glad you are on their team. And thanks for the Agent rewards! Nothing like getting a reward for what you are doing if your doing it well
    Can’t say enough about what a great company this is and how I highly recommend Working Solutions.
    My skills are on the technical side. However the project I was on was far from that. However with the right tools (which they provided for FREE) I did really well. And loved what I ended up doing.
    I would still be a active agent if I was still living in the states.
    Kim Houlne thanks for having some wonderful Project Managers like Tracy and wonderful Agent Development Specialist like Stacy and Katie. And not to leave out Mona Quality Assurance Specialist. These people made being a Independent Contractor for your company a great experience.! What your doing works and it works well. Kudos to all of you at WS.

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