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12 Holiday Survival Tips for Work at Home Agents

It’s that time of year again! Chestnuts roasting over open fires, holiday twinkling of lights, delivery men ringing the doorbell with your latest online delivery, kids arguing over the TV remote, husbands wanting to know what gifts to buy. Yes, it’s that wonderful holiday season that can wreak havoc on a normally quiet, peaceful environment. We know our work at home agents are very professional, but even the most rigid of office environments can endure major interruptions from time to time. When the buzz of a major holiday hits, everyone is impacted.

To maintain the high level of professionalism you desire while keeping your sanity, here are 12 tips to survive the crazy times during the holiday season for work at home agents:

  1. Don’t over-commit. Holidays are meant for joy not frustration. Factor in that you will have more commitments than normal like holiday parties, children’s plays and church socials. Keep a special calendar with everything on it to give you a quick view so you can prevent double-booking.
  2. Prioritize. Create realistic to-do lists, and make sure important work assignments are completed in a timely manor.
  3. Communicate with your team. If you know that certain dates/weeks will be busier than others, let them know in advance.
  4. Plan, and agree on, your work schedule with your family. Block off specific times to work and then be with family. Don’t try to intertwine.
  5. Get the family to pitch in. Having the family around during the holidays can mean more help. Ask the kids to pitch in around the house, run errands, etc. Keep them busy so you can stay focused.
  6. Try cost effective childcare options. If the kids are a distraction, childcare may be a worthwhile option. There are creative options for your kids to do some fun things, like painting or crafts, giving you some quiet time.
  7. Be an early riser. Wake up early and use your time wisely. Kids, especially teens, will take advantage of opportunities to sleep in, so mornings are your friend.
  8. Make signs for silence. Let family and friends know that you are working and cannot be interrupted. Create signs for your door, let them know closed doors mean emergencies only, and remind them to keep the noise level down.
  9. Shop online. Save time, and reduce stress, by Christmas shopping online. Having your gifts show up at your front door save time and frustration.
  10. Dress for work. Get your professional attitude in high gear by dressing up a bit.
  11. Remember to be flexible. The holidays mean your plans will change, especially with weather interrupting travel schedules. Take a deep breath and remember tip number 1 – don’t over-commit.
  12. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. Give yourself permission to take short breaks. Working during the holidays is tough for anyone. Remember to take a little time for you so you can stay calm.

Obviously, you have your dedicated work space that allows you the ability to step away from the outside environment. Remember it is perfectly fine to set those boundaries so you can dedicate yourself to the great work you provide, and then step away to spend quality time with your family. The holidays are typically hectic, but they don’t have to be completely crazy!

Happy Holidays! Here’s to a peaceful, productive and wonderful holiday season!

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