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3 Benefits of Working from Home

More and more people are looking for work-from-home opportunities. The reasons are obvious.

Three of the main benefits of working from home are flexibility, a better workplace and the ability to save money.

Let’s take a look at how Working Solutions, an on-demand outsourcer, offers such benefits for independent contractors as contact center agents.



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Working remotely gives agents more time to get things done, on their schedules. With no commute, they save time that they would normally spend on the road. As remote workers, they can dedicate more time to loved ones or study to further their education.

With remote work, people also can be flexible about which hours they’re on the clock. This means these jobs can be ideal for those who care for family members. Not bound by a 9-to-5 office routine, these workers can plan their days to suit their needs, as long as they meet the demands of their jobs.

At home, workers can take breaks that suit them, which is not always possible in an office environment. Working from home may reduce their risks of repetitive-strain injury, postural problems and eye strain.



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Quite simply, many people work better in a home-office environment. A traditional workplace can tend to be noisy. It presents plenty of distractions from loud colleagues, unnecessarily long meetings and socializing. With a home office, an agent can control the surroundings and maximize productivity.

According to FlexJobs, an expert in remote work, three-quarters of respondents surveyed said they did more remotely than in an office because of fewer distractions. An SHRM survey found that two in three respondents believed they worked better off site than on site.


Save Money


woman looking at smartphone and getting excited from all the savings that working from home brings

Remote workers can make their money go further by eliminating many of the costs associated with being in an office. Without a daily commute, for example, transportation costs are saved.

At-home work also eliminates the expense of eating out. Homemade meals are far more frugal than restaurant dishes.

These are only a few of the many benefits of working from home: conserve time, save money and work on your own terms. And you can do it without compromising your earning potential.

Working Solutions matches reliable, work-at-home agents with reputable clients. Get in touch with us to become part of our remote team and take control of your work.


Start working from home.