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5 Blogs Recommended for Work-at-home Success

Working remote can be a dream job. It comes, though, with its own unique challenges that can greatly impact productivity, mental health and career growth.
Even if you’re part of a company, remote home takes personal discipline and motivation to stay on track and meet deadlines.

These remote-work blogs will help you manage your career from home, improve efficiency and maintain a healthy work-life balance. features articles about building your own at-home career and maximizing productivity. Typically, remote workers have to handle time-management, social-media promotion and website building. They are all par for the course.

Some of the top articles to check out include: “6 Great Icebreakers for Virtual Team Meetings” and “How to Create a Wix Website: Easy Step-by-Step Guide.


Remote Work Hub

Remote Work Hub has articles dedicated to helping seasoned experts and aspiring remote workers make the most out of their careers. Some categories include: Resources and Tools for Remote Workers and Teams, plus Learn Essential Remote Work skills.

From courses to e-books, the skills section is a great place for anyone to start if they’re interested in becoming eligible for more work-from-home opportunities.



It can get lonely working from home. The social aspect of company culture is something that many new remote employees miss. WeWorkRemotely offers honest, insightful articles about what it’s really like to work from home.

Celebrate the highs, learn how to handle the lows and get plugged into a community of remote workers in dozens of industries across social media. There’s even a Slack group you can join.



Working from home can quickly blur the line between a professional and a personal life. It’s not uncommon to sit at your desk every waking hour as you end one project and move on to something else.
Hobbies and work tasks can become intertwined. You may even have a hard time calling an end to the day because you always find yourself responding to “just one more” email.

Talkspace offers virtual therapy through an app, but it also has a wonderful blog that can help you prioritize your mental health working from home. Some of the best articles to start with include: “How to Make Every Space a Safe Space” and “5 Ways to Combat Burnout.



Digital marketing agency HubSpot runs a blog and offers a suite of free e-courses that can help remote workers build new skills and manage their own companies.

In the article, “How to Make Remote Work Actually Work,” author Corey Wainwright explains the importance of commitment and communication in the virtual workspace, along with practical tips on how to improve both.

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