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6 Ways to Design Your Home Office and Increase Productivity

Working from home has a lot of benefits for many people. It allows for a flexible work schedule and a healthy, work-life balance.

There are, however, disadvantages to working remotely. Less socialization, a higher likelihood to become distracted and even boredom are all factors that can negatively impact performance.

In reality, your space can actually do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting things done. Make your environment work for you with these six ways to design your home office and increase productivity.


Keep Your Schedule in Clear View


calendar for work at home job


Sometimes, it seems impossible to get everything on your schedule done. Getting organized is the first step in checking off each item on your to-do list.

Keep the most important tasks at the top of your mind by displaying your schedule in clear view. This can be done with a calendar on the wall, on your desk or keeping your organizer close by. Or, try some amazing dry-erase agendas easy-to-use options that are completely adaptable to your busy schedule.


Have a Dedicated Space to Relax

Separate your downtime from your work time with a dedicated space to relax in your home office. Having a distinct space for pleasure allows your brain to differentiate between when it’s time to loosen up and when it’s time to buckle down. Try adding a comfortable leather sofa that you can lounge on and read a book when you need to take a break. Or, grab a seat on the nearest armchair and unwind without completely, checking out by doing a crossword or sudoku puzzle.

Just make sure there aren’t too many distractions within the space that could lead to less efficiency. Avoid placing a television in the room and put your phone in a drawer to keep you focused on the task at hand.


Paint for Production


white office for work at home jobs and being productive


Your surroundings can have a big effect on your overall mood. The trick behind this tip is understanding the psychology of color.

While it’s perfectly appropriate to experiment with different colors throughout your home, there are some you may want to avoid in your home office. Bold, bright colors are not for the faint of heart and tend to induce anxiety or feelings of nervousness. Although darker tones are known for their coziness, they may promote idleness and directly conflict with the need to be productive.

Instead, settle for muted or pastel tones to keep efficiency at an all-time high or even make your office feel like a larger space. You can’t go wrong with white paint and an exciting accent wall in your favorite pattern.


Motivate Yourself with Artwork

Remember those posters in school that told you “the sky’s the limit”? While we’re not saying the art you choose has to be that literal, filling your office with handiwork that speaks to you can have a positive effect on productivity.

Maybe you are motivated by pictures of your family and pets. Or perhaps, you’re saving up your paychecks to take a big trip and prefer to hang a portrait of that location. No matter your preference, having a purpose behind your work is sure to keep you focused day in and day out.


Use Mirrors to Improve Feng Shui


home office with fang shui decoration


Mirrors are a timeless addition to any space, but did you know that they can actually help improve the energy of your home office as well?

Use feng shui to bring positive vibes and encourage prosperity. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese pseudoscience that relies on the placement of objects within the home to optimize for favorable results in various areas of life.

Known as “cures,” these objects influence the outcome of events by creating helpful energy. Mirrors are well-known cure for a home office as they make rooms appear bigger and create more light in a space. You can even choose different shapes and materials to manipulate outcomes.

For example, a round mirror with a gold leaf frame will promote wealth and good fortune in your life. With plenty of choices in design, choose styles that align well with your personal goals and improve feng shui.


Add Plants to Ease Stress

Finally, add a little life to your home office with the addition of plants. Plants are known to oxygenate the air to enhance quality as well as increase employee satisfaction. Whether you work for a company or for yourself, a little bit of happiness never hurt anyone.

Add an array of houseplants to your office with unique qualities. Mix some larger plants in standing pots on the floor with smaller, easy to care for types that include a pop of color. There’s no better way to stay productive than to be energized by your living, breathing surroundings.

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