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A Life and Career Based on Three Words

Valerie Success —“compassion, sharing and empathy”.  Agent since 2016

You’d think those qualities would come easily to someone known for her smile and sunny disposition. The road to success, however, has been trying for this disabled Gulf War veteran and single mother of two.

Valerie worked her way up the corporate ladder at a number of top companies in healthcare, insurance and technology. The positions carried a lot of responsibility and brought her a lot of visibility. They also took their toll in terms of stress and time away from her family.

When Valerie’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with severe and progressive epilepsy at age 7, she knew she needed to make a change. “My daughter needed me, and I devoted my time and resources to get her the best care,” Valerie said.

She moved to a city with world-class medical resources and looked to redirect her career by working from home.

Becoming an agent at Working Solutions was the perfect new role for Valerie. “The company has offered me a way to utilize my experiences and skills to help our clients,” she explained, “The great thing about working from home is that I can do it on my own time, and still be there for my family when they need me the most.”


“The great thing about working from home is that I can do it on my own time, and still be there for my family when they need me the most.”


Applying Personal Lessons

Valerie serves customers of Working Solutions clients in the healthcare and insurance industries. She recounted a situation where a customer needed help using the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare system.

“The Veterans Administration is overburdened,” she said. “I enjoy helping fellow veterans and sharing my knowledge with them, and their loved ones, when they call in to schedule medical care outside of the VA. I use my experience as a former volunteer at the VA Medical Center (VAMC) to help those who have questions about how to receive the care they have earned through service to our country.

“I’ve learned from the doctors and nurses who care for my daughter,” she said. “They exhibit a level of caring and unconditional devotion we can all learn from and apply to our lives… and on the job.”

Working Solutions has been a “blessing,” Valerie said. “Kim Houlne defines the culture from the top of the company, and it is reflected by the Working Solutions staff, as well as in the agents selected to service Working Solutions clients. God only knows how things would have been for me and my family without this opportunity. This is the best career ever. I’m so very grateful.”

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