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Essential Items You Need to Set up an Efficient Home Office

Working remotely gives you the freedom to choose whatever workplace you desire, provided it’s safe and secure.

Working outside a regular 9-to-5 office job does have it downsides, however. Don’t worry. With a little planning, you can perform well at home.

Setting up a designated home office eliminates distractions you may experience working remotely. By doing so, your efforts will be much more efficient and rewarding.

Here’s a list for a well-planned base of operations.


1. Survey the Area

Before buying office equipment, there are some preparations to do in advance.

You will have to assess how much space to allocate to your home office. It might be an entire room or, if pressed for space, a small corner of it.

In choosing the right spot, here are some factors to consider:

  • Space– First things first, make sure you have enough room to fit a desk, chair and maybe a file cabinet.
  • Quiet and relaxed area– Is the area free of distractions? If the children’s play area or the dog’s kennel is close by, then pick a more secluded place.
  • Lighting– When choosing a location for your office, see if it has access to natural light. Why should you care? Natural light alleviates work-related issues, such as feeling too closed in, which affects productivity. Resorting to lamps should be a second choice.
  • Connectivity– Be sure there are electrical outlets nearby. Spaghetti wires running everywhere are a no-no. And, whether by cable or Wi-Fi, make sure the internet connection is strong and constant.

home office with desktop laptop mouse pad for work at home jobs

2. Desk

A desk is the foundation of your office. Without one to anchor it, you may feel adrift.

It offers you a fixed workspace, with built-in efficiency and comfort. By design, a desk is always the better choice over any table.

Some desks are customizable, sit down or stand up, with ergonomic settings for different elevations and functions.

3. Ergonomic Chair

If sitting is your work preference, then select a chair that conforms to your body. And don’t be cheap.

A chair’s quality affects your health, mood and well-being. Buy a well-make one, with adjustable heights, back support and arm rests. Read reviews. Try them out. Furniture is best bought in person.

man sitting at work from home office

4. File Cabinet

Ideally, you would want to keep digital documents. The reality is that, at times, you will have paperwork to file.

It is good practice to keep files stored in a well-organized cabinet. A simple, two-drawer model will do. Doesn’t take up much space. It also helps to keep your home office tidy.

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