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Finding the Perfect Work-Life Balance to Explore the Outdoors

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Autumn    |    Working Solutions Agent

Working from home has its challenges, but most people who work from home would not have it any other way. At Working Solutions, we provide independent contractors with the training they need to succeed in a remote call center environment and one of those contractors is Autumn.

We recently spoke with Autumn about her experience as a Working Solutions contractor to learn what it is like to work from home and manage the perfect work-life balance.


Making the Most of Her Experience

Autumn Bridgers has 20 years of experience in customer service, and she is currently supporting Working Solutions’ Real Estate client to help their customers find the homes of their dreams. She especially loves it when she gets to help a retired person move to a place that allows them to take full advantage of the retirement lifestyle, such as Florida. As part of her job, she connects people with local real estate agents so that their home buying, selling, or renting experience is more personalized. It is this human contact that she loves most about her work.

“I love helping others, and what a great opportunity to help other agents who are just getting started or who are starting a new program feel like a part of the team when we assist with technical problems or a confusing setup,” said Autumn. “It is so great, and I love every minute of it.”

As far as the work-from-home lifestyle, what she likes best about it is the ability to spend time with her family and be there when they need her for something. Autumn’s daughter recently graduated from high school, and her working from home allowed her to help her daughter as she prepared for the next chapter of her life. She considers working from home to be the “best decision I have ever made,” and being there for her family is one of the main reasons.

When asked what she liked best about working as an independent contractor with Working Solutions, she replied, “the flexibility and the variety of the programs.” She also loves the fact that she has met people from all over the country that she otherwise would not know, which adds a lot to her life. She considers this the ultimate job for a genuine people person and allows her to look forward to her workload every day. She says she no longer dreads going to work each day.


Fitting Into Her Personal Life

No one works all the time, and when Autumn has some spare time, she loves the active lifestyle. She especially enjoys activities such as going to the beach, hiking, swimming, and nature walking. If she finds herself with an extra thirty or so minutes to spare, she usually spends it catching up with friends or working in her garden. She is a busy lady who, thanks to Working Solutions, has managed to find the perfect work-life balance that brings her joy. She is also a nature lover and enjoys visiting National Parks, especially Zion National Park. Working as an independent contractor with Working Solutions allows her to have more time to explore the outdoors. By having the flexibility to schedule her own working hours, she can take off as much time off as she likes to enjoy nature.

And speaking of Working Solutions, Autumn especially loves all the support she receives from management and the education team. She says you can tell that they want their contractors to succeed and do anything to help them accomplish their goals. She finds a real sense of camaraderie within the Working Solutions family, and she considers this one of the main reasons she loves working for them so much.

Finding the Perfect Work-Life Balance to Explore the Outdoors


Helping Others Help Themselves

Autumn also loves her gig with Working Solutions because of the relationships amongst all the contractors within the company. She says that getting to know other contractors is one of the biggest perks of working with Working Solutions. According to her, being a Working Solutions agent allows you to make new friends and develop your skills with the other contractors, and therefore you never feel as if you are alone when you are learning or even later when you are working.

“Get to know your fellow agents,” she recommends, “and if you ever get a chance to meet a fellow agent that you have become friends with, do it!” Working from home can be a lonely experience if you do not have some human contact and staying in touch with fellow agents means that you will get the human connection you need as well as the assistance you deserve whenever you need it. It truly does offer agents the best of both worlds.

Of course, there are other benefits about working with Working Solutions that Autumn loves like the wide variety of contracts that they offer. Her favorite program so far has been real estate because it allows her to help people find their dream homes. Plus, she credited the management staff, who she claims is top-notch and provides the support she needs to master her skills.


Feeling Proud of Her Accomplishments

For Autumn, working with Working Solutions as an independent contractor also gives you the chance to expand your career and improve your skills. She says that one of her proudest moments came when she was asked to join Working Solutions’ Technical Resource Expert program supporting new contractors to get their technology set up for training. In this role, she not only has a great gig to look forward to every day but can also help new agents to be successful throughout their training and preparation. Again, she says that that sense of camaraderie amongst the contractors is one of the biggest perks of working with Working Solutions.

Before joining Working Solutions as an independent contractor, Autumn worked at an active senior center planning various events, including parties, exercise classes, and hikes. She enjoyed the sheer joy she brought to the residents, and she is now spending her days bringing the same joy to others through her work.

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